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My name is Bethanie. I think this spelling looks nicer than the Bethany spelling, but I may just be biased. I always get compliments on my name, and although I haven't ALWAYS been happy with it, I love it now.
southernbrighteyes  12/29/2005
Bethanie is my name and although I disliked it at first, it grew on me and I love the unique way it's spelled.
Alinah  4/30/2006
Although there is no exact definition for Bethanie, Bethany means, "House of figs" and Beth means, "House of God."
Alinah  4/30/2006
My name is Bethanie also. Like you above, I never liked my name until I got older. As time passed, I began to feel more comfortable with it and now couldn't imagine a better name. A name is not only what you are called, but becomes who you are and I like me!
bethie  5/5/2007
Very cute spelling of Bethany.
LilaMayaNeve  6/15/2007
I don't quite know how to explain this, but I feel like Bethanie is TOO wholesome. I guess I'm in a weird mood.
― Anonymous User  10/31/2008
My name is Bethanie Marie, and I've always loved my name. I wasn't ever really called Beth so when people do refer to me as Beth it just sounds funny. One of the only things I could complain about is the entire time I went to school, students and staff members would always spell it Bethany (and that just drove me up a wall). Being called Stephanie doesn't bother me simply because my aunt's name is Stephanie, so it's always been kind of funny for me.
Bethanie96  3/8/2017
It sounds better when you say it in your head.
StrattonO  5/17/2017

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