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I saw this name in a book I read and I thought it was pronounced like bet-uh-nee lol (that's the best way I could put that lol). I honestly think it sounds better. But I like it either way. :]
Naticati14  8/14/2007
Well, the name itself isn't bad, but the first time I saw it I though about "the one made of beton" than of a herb.
Amaanael  11/4/2008
Pliny descends the etymology from the Gaulish name of a Spanish tribe, the Vettones, to whom its discovery is attributed. Betony symbolizes surprise in the language of flowers, and so might make a fitting first or middle name for an unplanned but much wanted daughter.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2009
In my dictionary the name of the plant is pronounced bet-uh-nee.
There's an English historian called Bettany Hughes - it's hard to tell whether her name is a version of Betony, Bethany, or Bet Annie!
Just Jonquil  1/9/2010
Desperately underused.
vomiting  2/7/2011
I don't like how this name looks. I like the pronunciation even less. This name is better suited for the recycling bin.
GibsonGirl  10/30/2011
There's a character named Betony in the Divide Trilogy by Elizabeth Kay.
SakiHeart  2/13/2012
I've never met a person with this name, but the herb is pronounced BET a nee. [noted -ed]
Tisiphone  3/1/2017

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