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Famous bearer: Actress Beverley Mitchell (born Beverley Anne Mitchell).
― Anonymous User  4/13/2005
My name is Beverley. I've always understood that the name means "beaver meadow" as in "beaver lea", "lea" being the Old English word for meadow.

A beaver meadow, apparently is the rich field that develops from an old beaver lodge that has silted up the river so much that that part becomes a meadow.
aranjuez  6/10/2005
Out of interest, the Honourable Beverley Brandon was a MASCULINE character in 'The Corinthian' by Georgette Heyer.
Lady_Raltz  3/1/2006
In England the name Beverley is used for both sexes. A famous living person is Beverley Goodway, the man who takes all the photos for Page 3 of the Sun newspaper.
Barry T  11/22/2006
Beverley is a place in the English county of Yorkshire.
― Anonymous User  11/1/2008
Though now it's pretty much always feminine, this name was originally masculine. A famous male bearer was Beverley Hemings, an illegitimate son of Thomas Jefferson by his slave Sally Hemings.
Buneary  8/20/2016

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