It's FEMININE occasional MODERN usage may be INFLUENCED by THAT Actress: Blake Lively.
Wiktionary also DEFINES the name as a FEMININE name.
LionB3  5/30/2020
A notable FEMININE name bearer is an actress: Blake Lively

Her ACTUAL Birth name is Blake Ellender Brown (Lively) on August 25th 1987.
LionB3  5/30/2020
This name can also be FEMININE in modern times, making it UNISEX -- as SEEN on the USA chart.
LionB3  5/26/2020
This is a very unique and pretty name for a girl! It's okay on a boy.
KarenB  5/2/2020
Strange on girls.
Mikey Anthonys  3/17/2020
It's a fine name. I see this as masculine. Don't like it on a girl.
someone-  3/17/2020
I hate how people are giving their daughters Blake. It sounds RIDICULOUS on a girl. It’s like naming your son Petunia. Oh, and Blakeley is even worse.
nylonpanda  12/31/2019
My name is Blake and I'm a female. Have had the name for 25 years.
I loooove my name. About 90% of the time when I introduce myself I get some kind of reaction. I've had people ask for my ID before because they didn't believe me. I also get asked if my name is short for something else or short for Blakely a LOT! And I feel very proud when I reply "no, it's just Blake". I think it's a very unique name for a girl. I don't meet very many men or women with the same name. I would recommend naming your baby girl Blake if you are looking for a unique, pretty name.
Bstoneyy  12/26/2019
Blake is such a sexy manly name for me. Overall I love that name a lot. One day if I have a boy I’ll name him Blake! I typically like very feminine names so boy names for girls aren’t really my thing but even if they were, I just find Blake too aggressive sounding for a girl in my opinion.
Leoracho  10/28/2019
Love this name for a girl! And I’m sorry but super hot actress Blake Lively is definitely not a boy, lol. I don’t mind it for a boy either though I think it’s a cute name in general. Don’t know why everyone is getting so heated and upset because it’s becoming a gender neutral name, probably should get over it though because it’s only getting more and more popular, lol.
― Anonymous User  10/6/2019
Naming your boy Blake is like naming him Matt. It’s so basic and boring. Naming your girl Blake is so different along with naming a girl Logan. I’m not saying Blake is a girl name. It’s a very basic boy name and I would not name my son Blake. Sounds better for a girl's name. Sorry.
Kamilkaxx  9/6/2019
Also occasionally used as a feminine name in modern times.
Feiticeiro  9/2/2019
I really like this for a girl. I'm not saying it's just feminine, I think it's unisex.
Hekate Rose  7/17/2019
Too many girls are taking over this name for me to see it as masculine. I don't think it ages well either unfortunately. It originally doesn't really tell me much but now just sounds feminine.
― Anonymous User  5/30/2019
It’s one of those names I don’t quite like on boys, but love on girls.
Whippppppppp  5/23/2019
Blayke Louise Busby is the older sister of quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker and Hazel on “Out Daughtered”.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2019
If you Google the numbers, there are far more male Blakes than female Blakes so please quit saying this is a girls' name. Saying it's gender neutral or unisex would be more accurate. I named my son Blake 10 years ago and have yet to meet a girl Blake, but have met many boys with the name throughout my life. I'm not saying it shouldn't be used for a girl though. Actually, I think it's a pretty cool name for a girl. I only hope people don't stop namimg their sons Blake too.
jennasutton  12/21/2018
Blake is a name that offers the gender neutral, that comment below has mentioned, option that can be designated to either a boy or a girl.
― Anonymous User  1/18/2019
In 2018, 8 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Blake who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 397th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.

In 2018, 13 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Blake who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3, 401st most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/16/2018
Average. Don't use it on a girl, please. There are so many beautiful feminine names out there.
kayisforkeen  10/3/2018
I don't find this name male or female. It is just kind of blah.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2018
My 8 month old Daughter is Blake Elaine. Suits her very well. I think it's a very strong and distinguished name for a Lady. I gave both my daughters strong names, in this close minded, hateful old world.
MotherofKennedyNBlak  4/8/2018
I love the name Blake for a girl! The first time I was introduced to the name it was a last name, but then I saw this show called RWBY and one of the main characters names is Blake Belladona, who is a girl, and I love it!
BlueNightWarrior  2/2/2018
A man named Blake was my ggg-grandfather. He was born in early 19th century North Georgia (on his parents' farm in the lower Appalachians).

His ancestry is traced backward through Elizabeth Town, New Jersey (from 1700 until the beginning of the Revolution) --> Long Island (while still a Dutch colony until 1700) --> Massachusetts Bay Colony (ca 1630 to ca 1640) --> Amsterdam, Holland (off and on, while living as English religious separatists) --> Nottinghamshire, England (for centuries, until circa 1600) --> Either Normandy or Denmark.

But despite the Viking / Normand ancient roots, his paternal lineage is supposedly Celtic. And we do have a significant portion of Scotch-Irish blood.

I believe the name was unusual for his time (in America, anyway). I've done a lot of research from that period, and have rarely seen it on record anywhere. It was unusual for his family as well, and so I suspect he might have been named for someone in his mother's family, or for a family friend.
Dee Ann  1/23/2018
It is in fact a woman's name. Many beautiful women are named Blake (Blake Lively for instance). The character of Blake Carrington from Dynasty in the early 80s made it popular with the association for a male name. Blake (sometimes spelled Blayke) has been around many more years for women than it has for men.
Terms  10/27/2017
Wow, there are some pretty salty people here who are down voting any comments about Blake being a girls name as well. I personally like it both as a girl's name and a boy's name. It's a solid, strong name for either.

If you name enthusiasts haven't noticed, people have been giving their daughters names that have "traditionally" been male for decades. That makes it a unisex name.
Fray  10/15/2017
Wow, people are naming their daughters Blake too? There are so many beautiful GIRL names to choose from. She'll be constantly asked why she has a boy's name.
Luvbug86  8/28/2017
I once had a female coworker named Blake who was once accused of stealing someone else's time card because of the first name Blake.
She probably has spent most of her life dealing with people like that. I for one believe a couple can name their child whatever they want as long as it's not vulgar. Say, how about a boy named Sue!
Doolind6  8/26/2017
Blake is a horrible name for girls. And so are Michael, James, Dylan or Owen. I just hope that the day when William, Richard or Edward will be considered unisex names will never come.
― Anonymous User  8/26/2017
A famous feminine bearer is Blake Lively.
leoBeyene2002  8/22/2017
This can also be a feminine name in rare cases.
leoBeyene2002  8/22/2017
Blake Oshiro is an American politician and lawyer. From 2011 to 2014, he served as deputy chief of staff to the Governor of Hawaii Neil Abercrombie. Oshiro previously served as Majority Leader of the Hawaii House of Representatives, where he represented District 33, comprising the Honolulu neighborhoods of Aiea and Halawa. He spent ten years in the legislature.
cutenose  7/10/2017
Blake Alexander Jenner is an American actor and singer. He is best known for winning the second season of the Oxygen reality competition series The Glee Project and his portrayal of Ryder Lynn in the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee.
cutenose  7/10/2017
Blake Belladonna (yes, a female) is one of the main characters of the animated show RWBY by Rooster Teeth. Her character color is black.
goldentimelover  6/21/2016
Blake Derrick
Blake Adam
Blake Francis
Blake James
Blake Patrick
Blake Nikolas

Blake Helen
Blake Tabitha
Blake Liliena
Blake Maureen
Blake Amanda
Blake Jolene.
Eileen1209864  6/14/2016
It sounds like Blanche or Blythe. Or Blakia or Blakette would suit girls.
Eileen1209864  5/8/2016
Blake is not and never has been a woman's name. Stop the ignorance. Blake is a man's name. I am highly offended that people believe Blake is an acceptable woman's name. Twice now I have had uneducated low class people tell me that they think Blake is primarily a woman's name, which can be used as a man's name every now and then. I have to stop typing so I can go throw up on myself now.
― Anonymous User  5/8/2016
In Russia the name Blake typically means one who is dark or fair in skin color.
― Anonymous User  5/1/2016
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are:

Blake Colin
Blake Dominic
Blake Donovan
Blake Sawyer
Blake Sebastian
Blake Shannon
Blake Spencer
Blake Emerson
Dakota Blake
Hunter Blake
Isaac Blake
Jeremiah Blake
Jordan Blake
Morgan Blake
Theodore Blake
Thomas Blake
Ethan Blake
Everett Blake
Darren Blake.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2016
I can see this name on either gender, but to be honest, I like it better for a girl.
― Anonymous User  3/15/2016
Blake is a cool name for a guy. There is nothing wrong if someone wants to name their daughter Blake, either. It's a cool, edgy name. I could easily see an older woman named Blake, it's a lot better than Blanche.
― Anonymous User  2/14/2016
Blake is an amazing, strong name that is perfect for a girl. It is tough and beautiful. Look at Blake Lively, she is awesome!
― Anonymous User  2/13/2016
Blake Alma, an avid outdoorsman, is an extremely manly person. He is also an author. He wrote The Outdoorsmen Bible and Harvesting Nature's Bait Shop. Blake should be a boys name, period! Blake comes from an old English term meaning "Son of Lake." The last time I checked in this perverted planet "Son" means boy. So if you come across a girl named Blake, it simply means the parents really wanted a boy, but they got a girl. So they decided to give her a masculine name, Blake...
― Anonymous User  7/10/2015
Blake is definitely a boys name. You wish to name your daughter Blake, go ahead. You're only giving her a man's name. Blake is a real nice and decent name but for a girl?! What went wrong in your life?

Stop giving your daughters such masculine names, Americans!
― Anonymous User  6/19/2015
Males name males name males name. That's all I'll say.
― Anonymous User  5/18/2015
There's a girl named Blake in one of my classes. It's really confusing. I mentally refer to her "Blake the girl."
ComradeJocasta  4/30/2015
Blake is a hot, hot, HOT name for a guy. ;D.
― Anonymous User  4/27/2015
I LOATHE this name. Not sure why, I just do. Blaise is infinitely better in my opinion.
Ali Hassan  2/21/2015
Having been born in 1968 and given the name Blake, I can say when I was younger I didn't care for it. It was pointless to look for personalised trinkets because they just didn't exist. As I got older I rather enjoyed the name. I was always the only Blake in class or even school, which gave you a degree of notoriety. When meeting new people it's rare to have someone forget your name and according to Google at least, I am the only Blake with my surname in the world. I see this as potentially a bad thing though.
blusso  1/25/2015
I like the name Blake, but only for a boy.
hkols  11/3/2014
Ok, so to everyone saying Blake is only a guy name please stop saying I have a guy name. My name is Andrea Blake and I'm a girl. I used to think it was a bad name for a girl because I and a guy friend named Blake but now that I think about it, I really appreciate the name, especially on a girl. Not because its my name but because even though it's not the girliest of names, it's a beautiful name. And saying Blake is only for guys is like saying Sam or Tegan or Alex is only for guys. I like it because its masculine, yes, but it's a gorgeous name. It's edgy, spunky, and original. BLAKE CAN BE A GIRLS NAME.
Andrea.blake  9/24/2013
Blake Griffin is an American basketball player. As of April 2013, he plays for the LA Clippers.
bibi66  4/27/2013
Yet another perfectly good boy's name ruined by the trend of giving extremely masculine names to little girls. I honestly don't understand how you can possibly name your daughter Blake. It may be cute and "unique" now, but imagine when she's 75. Not so cute and trendy now.
― Anonymous User  1/28/2013
My brother's middle name is Blake, and I love it! But seriously, who decided this was a girl's name?! I guess it's not as bad as Addison or Riley...
Oohvintage  1/28/2013
Robert Blake (1599-1657) was a very famous English admiral, celebrated for his victories over the Dutch.
Just Jonquil  1/13/2013
I really like this name. I prefer it for a boy. It doesn't seem feminine at all to me.
Also to the previous poster named Blake who feels they have a monopoly on Blake being a girl name... in 1964 Blake was ranked #360 for boys. It didn't rank at all for girls. So in 1964 it was commonly used as a boys name and not a girls name.
Zimger  10/9/2012
I love this name... I think it sounds sophisticated.
emmie_kate113  2/4/2012
We just named our beautiful daughter Blake Catherine. We had a really hard time picking just the right name. I wanted her to have a name that captured: smart, classic, strong, blonde, right out of a J. Crew/Ralph Lauren ad. Understanding it's a unisex name we felt it was important to give her a classic feminine middle name. Love this name for a girl... especially that it's not super popular.

Also, this was a surname in our family, which really strengthened our connection to it. Love unique names (for girls) that also captures family names as well. Can't wait for our little bundle to grow into her very distinguished name.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2011
It was interesting to read all the comments about the name Blake. Especially the ones where people said it's not a female name. I was born in 1964 and my name is Blake and I'm a female. So I think that I have a little say so in this matter. When I grew up, no one had my name - no males or females. I was definitely the only Blake. Then the show Dynasty and the character Blake Carrington became a household name in the early 80s (I loved that show). So now there's a lot of males in their late 20s with the name Blake. So I say to my mother, thank you for being a renegade in the 60s and giving me this FEMALE name. And I thank Blake Lively for finally bringing this name back to it's female status. However, I'll accept the fact that my name is a unisex name, like so many others.
blake7134  10/25/2011
I really dislike it for girls.
LittleSamGirl  9/16/2011
British actor Blake Harrison, famous for playing Neil in The Inbetweeners.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2011
It's a nice name, but it reminds me of a snobby prep school boy with a sweater tied around his shoulders.
mrose19  5/19/2011
As well as William Blake, another famous person with this surname is the children's author and illustrator Quentin Blake.

Love this name on a boy - NOT on a girl.
SandSea  2/20/2010
I would use this name only for a girl. Just the way I feel. It is more of a masculine name, but I like it for a girl better.
MeMyselfAndEye  1/18/2010
Sounds prissy, girly, and a tad elitist. I immediately think of the godawful actor Robert Blake.
bananarama  7/15/2009
Blake can also be used as a female name too, but this has just been introduced.
indiecindy-  5/19/2009
Though I personally wouldn't name my child this, I must say it is a very regal name. And soft to pronounce.

On the other note, I've met a couple of Blakes in my life and both have been very handsome guys.
_0TophasNails_1  11/11/2008
Also the name of early 21st century actress Blake Lively, famous for playing blonde bombshells Bridget Vreeland (The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants) and Serena van der Woodsen (teen drama Gossip Girl.)
― Anonymous User  9/26/2008
My name is Blake and I'm a girl.
Paris44  8/9/2008
I like the name Blake. I only know 2, and they are nowhere near close in age, so it isn't too common, but it's a nice name for anyone to use for their son.
Patricia Underwood  6/5/2008
It's quite funny that it means "pale" because the Dutch word for pale is "bleek" which is pronounced the same as Blake and looks alike as well. I guess the words are related.
renee06  5/21/2008
Well, it's not a bad name, but somehow it sounds very youthful, and I can't imagine a middle-aged man named Blake. It sounds almost boyish. What comes to mind is a young guy with dirty blond hair who is sort of slanky and energetic. This would be a weird name for a very fat and unattractive guy.
slight night shiver  5/17/2008
"Blake" is our oldest son's name. We love it! We picked this name for several reasons. First, it's a very strong and masculine name. It's a classic name, not trendy. It's been in the top 100 for the past 15 years. It's unique and not too popular. Our son loves being the only "Blake" in his class too.
― Anonymous User  12/4/2007
I am liking Blake more, and more for a girl.
tigerlilly  11/30/2007
Famous Bearer: Actor Blake Heron. He's a handsome young man with lots of talent.
― Anonymous User  8/21/2007
Every guy I know with the name "Blake" is cool! All of them are popular, play sports and are super nice. I love the name!
― Anonymous User  7/30/2007
No. I hate this name. It doesn't grow up very well and would only fit a young boy and teenager. Can you picture an old guy with this name? No, me neither. Also, when I first heard it, it reminded me of flake. Don't use this please!
spaz123  7/29/2007
Blake Ahern - Missouri State Men's Basketball
Blake is the all-time NCAA Division 1 career free throw percentage leader. Blake is a great athlete and super nice guy!
― Anonymous User  7/23/2007
Blake is a great boy's name. It's strong, rugged, sporty and very masculine! I love it! I know a few guys named Blake. They are all good-looking, friendly, athletic, smart and popular.
― Anonymous User  5/30/2007
Rosie O'Donnell's youngest son's name is Blake Christopher (born in 1999).
― Anonymous User  3/22/2007
Blake Lewis - Champion Beatboxer and a 2007 American Idol Finalist. He is a talented young man with an incredible voice.
stlcowgirl  3/6/2007
I know a girl named Blake. By the time I'm 100, boys'll be named Mary and girls'll be named John.
― Anonymous User  12/18/2006
Blake Sennett is in the bands Rilo Kiley and the Elected.
mymymetrocard  11/4/2006
Blake is derived from Old English 'Blac' (the 'A' here is long so the word rhymes with Jake) meaning pale. It does NOT mean black which is 'Blæc' (rhymes with Jack) in Old English.

Blac (Blake) and Blæc (Black) are very similar in spelling which is why people often get confused.
Beornhild  10/11/2006
Some of those English names have multiple origins. This is one of them. It could come from either blac or blaec.
― Anonymous User  5/27/2007
Blake is such a cool name, for a BOY. I agree with the above posters, leave this name for the boys. Why does every name for a boy get taken over by the girls?
― Anonymous User  10/11/2006
Famous bearer: Blake Shelton, country music star.
― Anonymous User  10/3/2006
Unlike what everyone else has posted, when I hear Blake, I think of the stoner, skateboarding type.
Emmasj  10/2/2006
Kinda agree with emmasj. Although this name does strike me as kinda preppy I'm really liking it.
blackgoodbye  10/8/2006
According to the baby name book I own, the meaning of Blake is dark and handsome. This info might be helpful if it were added to your website.
stlcowgirl  10/2/2006
Blake is a classic, strong and very masculine boys name. I think of a dark, handsome, athletic and friendly type of guy. The name "BLAKE" is all boy.
― Anonymous User  10/2/2006
This is considered for girls? May as well go with Butch or Phallus instead.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2006
I love names like this that sound dark and handsome, yet not evil, like Roy or Damien. (at least from my point of view, this is the image that comes into my mind.)
zev  9/9/2006
I recently read a book by William Blake or a poem or something, and decided Blake would be a really great name for a girl. Because my sister is pregnant again, she decided to call her child Blake if it's a girl, and Stacey if it's a boy - how demented is that?
name_obsession  6/29/2006
Yeah that is sort of demented but I have heard of girls named Blake, and Stacey could be a nickname for Eustace, so...
― Anonymous User  7/3/2006
This is the surname of William Blake, a precursor to the English Romantic movement in poetry. He was a fantastic poet and is frequently studied at length in English literature. I also associate this name with a really handsome, polite football player who used to go to my high school (his mom was an English teacher; maybe that's how he got the name).
― Anonymous User  6/20/2006
I knew someone named Blake when I was much younger. He was a very funny person and nice too. I didn’t think too highly of the name until recently, now I love it.
― Anonymous User  5/13/2006
If I had been a boy, my parents said they would probably name me this. I grew attached to the name, and if I ever have a son, this will probably be his name, or at least his middle one. It sounds very regal to me.
vattenkvinna  5/3/2006
One of my best friends is called Blake and I love the name for a girl! It suits her well.
PretteeGurlPoizen  4/30/2006
I love the name Blake for a boy. It sounds strong, rugged and handsome.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2006
Blake is a very strong name, it sounds like the name of someone who will be rich someday.
dani_08  3/5/2006
Sounds like bloke.
ender  1/23/2006
I love the name Blake for a boy! It is a very strong and masculine name. There are two little boys named Blake in our neighborhood. Both boys are very handsome, athletic and rather studly. Blake is too masculine for a girl's name. There are so many pretty girl's names available. Leave the name "Blake" for the boys. Look at Blake Shelton. Is he a stud or what?
stlcowgirl  1/12/2006
Blake Edwards is an American film director and producer.
― Anonymous User  12/20/2005
I like the name Blake for a girl. It's kind of unusual for a girl but that's why I like it. Also Blake Livily was awesome in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! She was so pretty which probably encouraged me to like the name as well.
cowgirl  12/19/2005
My brother born in 1975 was given the name Blake. He hated it with a passion, he was the only Blake in every class, from jk to university. Now that he has grown up, he is a big tall gentle man, who is befitting to this name. I love the name Blake, it sounds regal, and classic
theoldboot65  11/25/2005
Famous bearer: Blake Lively (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants).
starrynight104  8/1/2005

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