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Pronounced "BEH-zhih".
arrowhead909  4/26/2006
When sayung the unlaut 'O', shape your mouth as if saying 'O' and say 'ay'.
The 'Zs' makes a 'J' sound.
Kerules  12/25/2009
It's bur-jee. No z sound should be heard, and a mispronunciation shouldn't be put up as official.
lucyskydiamonds  2/15/2010
It's pretty close to Bə-zhee. I see it is hard to write down the correct pronunciation, but it isn't that important, because Bözsi is only a diminutive of the less and less used name Erzsébet, and the most of the Erzsébets refuse this quite weird and funny nickname.
HerculePoirot  7/14/2016

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