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Also used in Bulgarian.
rositsa  12/2/2004
"Dan" means given, not gift. So Bogdan = God given, a gift from God.
sakala  7/10/2005
Origin of name is Serbian, not Russian or Bulgarian. They merely adopted this name. It is translation from Greek name Theodosios and it means (as well as Theodosios) "Given by God". Bogdan = "Bog" (God) + "dan" (given) and not "God's gift" or "Giving God" as you translated Theodosios. Theodore would be the "Gift of God" and we have direct translation of this name in Serbian and it is Božidar. Božiji(God's) + dar (gift)= Božidar. So both names are Serbian origin.
bogdan  1/24/2006
This name is unique even if it has the word bog in it.
― Anonymous User  6/16/2006
I agree with the comments about 'dan' -- it means 'given', not 'gift'. [noted -ed]
Ivayla  9/15/2006
Name variant: Bogden. During WWII, basic supplies were rationed and people often ran short. Feuds on occassions erupted between the haves and the have nots. In one case, this family name separated ways distinguishing the difference by changing the "A" to an "E".
mrmiami  3/10/2007
It is a Macedonian name as well. The meaning is the same, given by god.
bpetrusevski  5/27/2007
Also Ukrainian.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2007
This name (Богдан, also transliterated Bohdan) can also be considered a Ukrainian name.
bogdano  7/26/2009
Also a masculine name in Croatia.
goricar  11/15/2009
Croatian and Serbian pronunciation is the same as Polish: BAWG-dahn. [noted -ed]
enchy  7/28/2011
It is used in Romania also, mainly in the northernmost part of the country. Both Bogdan and Teodor (Theodosius) are used simultaneously. [noted -ed]
boldur  10/4/2017
I think this name is horrific and from my personal experience Bogdan's are annoying and snobby. Also has the word bog in it.
ollygreatkid  3/1/2018

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