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Other names with Bog (God): Bogan, Bogaè, Bogaš, Bogašin, Bogda, Bogdaboj, Bogdaj, Bogdan, Bogdanko, Bogdaš, Bogdeša, Bogeta, Bogeša, Bogilo, Bogina, Bogislav, bog, Bogihna, Bogiša, Bogmil, Bogmir, Bogo, Bogobija, Bogoboj, Bogoboje, Bogobojša, Bogovid, Bogodan, Bogodar, Bogoða, Bogoj, Bogoja, Bogoje, Bogoljub, Bogomil, Bogomir, Bogonja, Bogosav, Bogoslav, Bogoslov, Bogota, Bogoš, Bogud, Bogudan, Bogudar, Bogul, Bogumil, Bogun, Bogurad, Boguslav, Bogut, Bogutin, Boguš.
mssdm  7/15/2009
An original Bulgarian name. The name of the founder of a Bulgarian medieval sect. Also Macedonian.
rositsa  12/2/2004
It isn't only Bulgarian. The name is Slavic in general and just because a Bulgarian named Bogumil became (in)famous it doesn't make it exclusively Bulgarian. I don't understand why people have to resort to nationalism and such tendencies totally unprovoked.
― Anonymous User  7/15/2009

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