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Another popular Bulgarian name, spelled Boyan or Boian.
rositsa  12/2/2004
Ditto the first comment the name Bojan (Boian, Boyan) is a Bulgarian one. It has several meanings - one is "to be afraid of God", another - "the one you should be afraid of". Usually the bearers of the name celebrate their name day on January 6 (St. Jordan).
julia_says  8/12/2006
The name Bojan means one who is frightened of God, paganic or Christian, from root Boi wich means fear, or the one who is in battle from the root Boi wich means battle, one who is in command.
― Anonymous User  10/5/2005
The nomadic people of Eurasia who migrated into central and eastern Europe in the 6th century were called Avars. The leader who settled the Avars in the Pannonian plain up to the early 9th century, was called Bayan (Baïan).
The Avar name Bayan in Caucasian Avar language means Victor "Behun". It also could be translated as "Bo"=Army-Country of Huns.
tinker_bell  12/10/2005
A famous bearer (famous in ex-Yugoslavian countries) is Bojan Pechar from rock band "Ekatarina Velika".
vmzupa  1/24/2006
Bojan is a SLAVIC name derived either from boi (battle) or boj (fear). Both are Slavic words hence the name is of Slavic origin.
mssdm  4/28/2008
Bojan Jambrošiæ (BOY-ahn YAHM-brosh-ich) is a Croatian singer.
enchy  9/5/2009
Bojan (pronounced: boyan) is an Avaric (Obric) name, and it stands for: "Leader of a Horde".
Avars came to South Europe together with Slavic nations in the 500-600 ADs. Together with Serbs and some Macedonian Slavic tribes, they led the attack on Constantinopole in 626 AD. They had left toponyms in the Balkans like: Obrovac, Obrenovac.
Branimir  1/3/2010
Bojan and Bojana stem from the one and only word and that is "boj" - battle -. Bulgarians get over yourselves and stop hijacking everything. If you have once opened a book you'd have found that as Bulgars, a Turkic tribe, you have assimilated into Slavic culture. Period. Obrenovac et al stems from the personal name Obren which can be found in use still in Serbia. It comes from the verb "obresti (se)" - to find oneself -. All of them are Slavic names from Slavic words from Indo-European roots.
Anonymous user  12/28/2012
In Sweden, it's a female name, originally a nickname of names ending with -borg, like Ingeborg, Frideborg, Gunborg or Valborg (old Norse names, borg meaning "stronghold"). But since those names have fallen out of fashion, the name Bojan is also really rare now, I think all the Swedish Bojans are ladies born in the 1920's-1930's.

It's pronounced Boy-an. I think it sounds kind of funny and catchy, like a perky girl in the 1940's riding her bike and wearing sailor trousers.

There was a Swedish actress called Bojan Westin, 1927-2013. She played in over 30 Swedish films & tv series, the most popular being the soap Rederiet (The Shipping Company).
toxi  4/10/2014
Bojan Bogdanović, a Croatian basketball player
Bojan Djordjic, a Swedish footballer of Serbian descent
Bojan Jokić, a Slovenian football player
Bojan Jorgačević, a Serbian football player
Bojan Jovanovski - Macedonian TV personality
Bojan Križaj, a Slovenian alpine skier
Bojan Krkić, a Spanish footballer of Serbian-Catalan descent
Bojan Marović, a Montenegrin singer
Bojan Neziri, a Serbian football player of Albanian descent
Bojan Šarčević, a Bosnian-French visual artist
Bojan Zdešar, a Slovenian freestyle swimmer
Bojan Zulfikarpašić, French-Serbian jazz pianist.
BojanDeGr8  5/2/2014

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