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Branislav Ivanović is a Serbian professional footballer who plays for English club Chelsea and the Serbia national team, which he captains. He is a versatile defender who usually plays right-back.
cutenose  5/6/2016
SLAV is from SLAVA.
(slovo is letter; LA is God in particular it is LOG, SLOG, LUGh, Serbian NisiLi is our or nas jezik or language... sufix -os is Greek way to make their language from Serbian. Old Greek is similar to Serbian)
Pravoslavlje for example means: orthogonal zenith or the Sun orthogonal at noon (zenith). Pravoslavlje or orthodox. The Sun was for religion emanation of God.

BRAN means soldier or rampart (defensive wall) or dam (river).

Slav or in other way VALs is way of the Sun (SUNRAYS). VALhala for example (hala or hall of waves, heaven, nebo, sky). VALkyrie similar. It is connection bran and wolf via Serb or ant (SOLDIER FRONTIER).

VALknut(triskellion chair on which Sybilae or SyRBilae at Delphi were foreseeing, Skela in Serbian scaffolding (building) or ferry-boat. SKALA or scale with notes/ music of spheres (DJed Egypt, healing device, immortality). Kola is car, automobile. NiKola Serbian name (Tesla) is from Ni for down and kola as the Sun circle. When Sun glows on northern hemisphere (all civilization were mostly there- it is astronomical agreement to look after North part of the Earth) very little? December 19th. Saint Nikola is Serbian KRSNA slava. And St Nikola is protector of sailors as well as SEaRBhan at Celts. In pagan times people went to water stream and ask spirits to make year till spring.
3 Serbian salute, Triglav 3 heads) same.

In valkyrie we have mythological nordic meaning, but in real world it is for example KOSOVKA MAIDEN, Serbian girl or any girl that is bringing food and water for soldiers. In Slovenia you have beautiful vases or SITULAS that depict girls, soldiers, food and water. Serb or ant is soldier frontier. Ancient caste. VLK or WOLF, VUK or ant (Ukraine) in these words: Antalia, Antyoh, Antartic, Lycia/Lydia or VLKya, Krajina Srbska, Ukraine. Wolf is Serbian totem. Rasna or Rasenna or Hyperborea are Serbs too. Russia same root. Ras in Serbia (place). Wolf with Romul and Rem means that Serbian women were mothers to so called Romans. So called Slavs never call themselves Slavs but Serbs/Sorbs. Slav is saloon name for Serbs as well as Byzantium for Eastern Rama-n kingdom. Lusatian Sorbs are in Portugal/Spain (Lusitania) V-ANDALusia (Vandal Savage DC Comics) as well as in Germany (Ger/Ser/her same root.) Some say that Slav is from slovo or letter because Germans or Nijemci or Nemci were unable to speak Serbian. ANTerija dress.

Also Slav is name for Serbs. Why?
Celts (CELTA/delta FORCE) had SeaRBhan or SERBAN (Lugh, solar deity). Celtic has more then 2400 same words with Serbian. Ser is gentleman. TSar or Car is emperor. SUN-KING connection. Ur is light. Aura of body. Name Uros as title of Nemanjic dynasty (Serbia). Ouroboros, Oera Linda. Oros Olympos. Oro is kolo, circle of the Sun.
Ban is light ray too. In English mean doom/Bane (DC Comics), but for 8000 years it was name of many Serbian rulers from far East to America. Kulin Ban is more known, as for example banovina, Banija etc. Zagreb has name Serbinovo.
SURla trunk, proboscis
SVEtlost LIght
SVEst awareness, consciousness
SVEt the world
LAV lion
LAVina avalanche
SLAVina faucet
Nebuchadnezzar from tsar...CAESAR title in Rome or Kaiser in Greek, German, and Serbian. CERBVLIANA sandals.
Brasil(Scotland) liSARB..Llullaillaco ljuljaj jako in Serbian swing strong or if lako= easy
Côte d'Azur
B+URA+ZER or brother ura is yupii!
prezirati - to dispize
Nadzirati - to watch over, to supervise
Nazirati - to perceive, emerge
Prizirati - seeing things
Obzir - regard, respect, view
Ozirnuti - take a look
Proziran - transparent
Zazirnuuti - notice
Zazirati - shy away from, avoid

The root for all these word seems to be "zir" meaning to see.

Silver or SREBRO
Etc the Sun is in many toponyms and many words like Mount Serbal (Moses Sinai)
OKO = circle + direction + circle = around
OKA mass measure... in Ottoman Turkish Serbian was one of 4 languages.
OKNO = window, through which we see

Sanskrit also is called by name SRBSKRIT.
So in general Croatian, Montenegrian, Bosnian is Serbian. Politics cannot be linguistic reason.
Brahma same root as Branislav.

RANI is Serbian tribe at SvetoVid's Cape Arkona (RK/RG VEDE) or ARGLona, BELka. White horse was used for clairvoyance, VIDanje or PROZORljivost. Task for horse was not to put his hoof onto spear (good sign).
Druid is drugi Vid or Second SvetoVid.
(Serbs are from Japhet by the Holy Letter).
FlashGordon  9/17/2014
Nicknames: Branio, Branko, Slavo, Slávek.
MaggieSimpson  4/11/2009
The name Branislav, is one of many who end with -slav, and all such names are used in Croatia, which the administrator obviously forgot to write in the usage description. In fact, it's more used in Croatia, for such is the custom of the land. Although all Slavic people use Slavic names, some typical ones are more used in one country than the other. For example: Slavoljub, with the ending -ljub, is more typical for Serbia than Croatia.
Therefore the administrator should keep in mind to mention most Slavic lands when writing the usage of names ending with -slav, Croatia being an example of a land who uses all of the names with this ending, unlike some lands mentioned, who only use a few.
Also, although slav is short for glorious, slav also refers to a Slavic man, therefore the name "Brani-slav", also means a "Slavic Defender".
Draculina  9/28/2008
Czech and Slovak pronunciation is "brah-nyee-SLAHF".
Karcoolka  3/29/2008
My ex-boyfriend's name, very popular in Serbia. The nickname is Bane.
audreyhubley  11/28/2007
The name "BRANISLAV" is a compound of two Serbian words. "Brani" is short for verb braniti which means defend, and "slav" from slava which means glory.
usagi  8/31/2005

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