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Breana is pronounced "BRE-ON-NA, The other pronunciation is spelled with 2 N's this way: Breanna. Because think about it, how do you spell and say the name "Ann" and "Annie"? If you spell your name "Breana" then its correct pronunciation is "Bre-On-Nuh.
― Anonymous User  3/2/2016
Hi to all the Breana's out there. My daughter's name is yours and we pronounce it Bree-AHH-na. This may be like the ON that the previous Breana left, don't know. Love the name, had no idea in 1998 that there were so many pronunciations! But it makes her unique and I hope all the Bree's in the world love it too.
Breanasmom  11/10/2008
I love my name (Breana) although some People call me BreONa and spell it Breanna or Brianna!
Brematrel  2/4/2006
My name is Breana and I hate it when people call me Bree-ON-A. My name is Bree-AN-A not Bree-ON-A. I guess it just depends on how your parents want you to be called. You can be ON or AN. But it only matters if that person wants to be called a special one, I guess. Well its either ON or AN depending on the person. It's not just ON or not just AN. There is more than one pronunciation.
weezer_gurl09  10/6/2005
Pronounced: bree-on-a
brelevy101  3/28/2005

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