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Also used in Brittany.
Frollein Gladys  2/19/2019
Brendan Murray is an Irish singer, and former member of the Irish boyband Hometown. He represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song "Dying to Try" but failed to qualify to the final.
cutenose  5/12/2017
This is the name of the male player character in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire (as well as their remakes).
Buneary  11/27/2014
Brendan Joseph Hansen (born 1981 in Haverford Township, Pennsylvania) is an American swimmer.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2012
Lovely name. Easy to grow up with. It's a fitting name at any stage in life- I can see it on a baby, child, teen, adult of any profession, as well as an old man. I like it spelled Brendon better, but that's just me. GREAT name.:)
Justine_Adrian  12/21/2011
The Galician form is Brandán (Bra-n-DAN) and the Gaelic form is Breandán (Bre-an-DAN)
Meilin  12/19/2011
Brendan Brady is an aggressive man in HollyOaks.
Grace_Scarlette  8/30/2011
Brendan James, a famous singer/songwriter, has this name.
deja-entendu  5/29/2011
Brendan Coyle is an actor who bears the name.
alicehartley4884  4/23/2011
It's very handsome!
Chrila96  11/12/2010
Brendan Sheerin is the tour guide on the British reality show, "Coach Trip".
LullabyMoon11  9/25/2010
Brendan is the main character in "The Secret of Kells" which is an animated movie based on Irish Mythology.
Milena Scialfa  5/24/2010
I love the name Brendan, especially as it is the name of one of my best friends. I think he's the only Brendan I know. There's more Brandon's but I prefer Brendan a lot more.
― Anonymous User  8/1/2009
Heard a girl named Brendan and was really annoyed. It means "prince". How feminine is THAT? I think it's a good Irish name for a boy.
― Anonymous User  7/21/2008
I have a very good association with this name. I have always loved this name, and if I have a son, I plan on naming him Brendan. I think Brendan is a beautiful name for a boy.
kittykat8990912516  3/18/2008
Brendan Shanahan is a professional ice hockey player. He plays for the New York Rangers.
SuomiRuotsi  8/27/2007
Brendan Benson is a Detroit musician, and a member of The Raconteurs, with Jack White, Jack Lawrence, and Patrick Keeler.
ShaunIII  7/3/2007
This is my name, I love it, easy to grow up with, very laid back sounding, very Irish, and not as Beverly Hills 90210 as Brandon. I love my name so much. I pronounce it BREN-din.
TheLastMontague  5/8/2007
Pronounced Bren-din.
Clodagh  4/9/2007
Brendan was chracter´s name from the TV show "Step by Step". He played by Josh Byrne.
Maggie_Simpson  8/6/2006
I absolutely love this name! I am expecting my first son and will give this name to my child. It is a beautiful, strong Irish name which gives the impression of strong character, charm, handsomeness, intelligence. I love it!
― Anonymous User  7/20/2006
Brendan is a great name for a boy, very easy to grow up with.
― Anonymous User  7/13/2006
Actually, Brendan seems to have three meanings depending on your source. Many sites and books claim it means 'smelly hair', some say, as this one, that it means 'prince'. However, Bruce Lansky's books claim it means 'little raven'. I'm not sure which is true, I looked it up extensively once and got varied answers. 'Prince' as a meaning is very rare to find, 'little raven' is listed as the most common meaning.
BrendanMcC.  6/16/2006
It should be noted, however, that Bruce Lansky is notoriously inaccurate when it comes to meanings and origins (Mackenzie meaning "child of the wise leader", anyone?).
Randee15  12/22/2006
Brendan is famous in Brittany too, spelt the same in place names, more often Brandan as given name.
kej  5/10/2006
Actors Brendan Fraser and Brendan Gleeson are famous bearers of this name.
hana  2/7/2006
Brendan Behan was an important Irish writer (and IRA activist).
― Anonymous User  12/13/2005

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