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I'd rather the name be spelt Brianna. It looks much prettier, but I like the name.
princesskisa  4/18/2007
I agree with PrincessKisa. Having this name myself, the only spellings that I am fond of are Brianna and Briana, although I prefer Brianna, given the fact that that is how I spell it. I will be honest, I hate this spelling and I think it makes no sense. I am sorry if you are a big fan of it, if you are a Bryanna, or if you are quite friendly with a Bryanna, but I think this is a stupid spelling and I recommend Brianna or Briana to anyone who wants to name their daughter this.
Brianna Angela  6/1/2007
Ew. What an atrocious way to spell Brianna.
― Anonymous User  12/10/2007
It appears that this name should be pronounced ''brie-A-na'', which is a butt-ugly name, and even the nicer pronunciation, which doesn't seem logical with this spelling, ''bree-a-na'', doesn't stop the name from being tremendously boring, common, bland, predictable, lazily out together, and a name that seems to lack sophistication and elegance.
slight night shiver  5/17/2008
Amazingly, since this looks like a recent invention, I found an 18th century English bearer of this name as a middle name - her forenames were Mary Bryanna. Perhaps among her parents' relatives or friends there was a person surnamed Bryan after whom she was named. I think it's a pretty name.
Jonquil  9/21/2008
I think this is a much better spelling than Bryanna. The Y gives a new flare to a worn out name.
― Anonymous User  4/23/2010
Bryan is okay. Bryanna . . . Not so much.
Dawson  12/15/2010
Bry (rhymes with "dry") Anna (rhymes with "banana")
PaintingPages  9/1/2011
It is unique because nobody ever spells Bryanna like that, they spell it like Brionna, Breanna or something like that.. my name is unique.
bry.michell  8/5/2016
I love my unique name and the y is personally prettier than the I because you can curl it and swirl it. My name (Bryanna) is pronounced bre-a-na and it is super annoying when people say bry-a-na or bry-an-a or bre-an-a. Just by the way, I get tons of compliments because it is super beautiful spelled and pronounced this way.
Bryanna  3/3/2017
I think the name is great.
Babybry  1/24/2018

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