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A name that is linked the the great apostle in the Holy Bible and well known for his complete u-turn from persecuting Christians to preaching and proclaiming Christianity.

This name is mostly borne by Christians in Central Nigeria. Used mostly in the Hausa speaking states in Northern Nigeria. In the Hausa version of the Holy Bible, it is used (translated) to refer to Paul the Apostle.

Hausa language in Nigeria has a lot of words and Names in common with Arabic thereby aligning more to the fact that the name BULUS is Arabic.
tawal  8/8/2008
So ugly, it's unbearable. And I love Boutros, but this is just an ear sore.
Ali Hassan  8/15/2014
Pronounced BOO-ləs oe BOO-lis.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  12/18/2016

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