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Gee, I hope this never catches on. It sounds quite ugly with the long schwa sound, and it's plain and boring too. Some surnames really are best retained as surnames.
slight night shiver  5/18/2008
In England a 'berk' is an idiot. But nonetheless I like the name.
Krr  6/26/2008
This name is ugly and kind of snobbish. It also sounds too much like "burqa", which will lead to teasing.
bananarama  10/3/2009
Ok, Burke isn't that great of a name (I don't love it or hate it). But it is super annoying when I see comments about what the names sound like that could be teased for. You could say that about any name, and it is almost always a stretch. I completely doubt that if you name your child Burke, people will tease them for sounding like burqa.
lilpimpteller  3/13/2015
I honestly love this name in all of its simplicity and strangeness. It is probably my favorite boy's name at the moment. I think that Burke Ezra would be a great combo.
kaceyjustine  7/25/2015
Murdered child beauty queen Jonbenet Ramsey's older brother is name Burke.
Luvbug86  11/15/2015
Burke Ramsey is the older brother of murder victim JonBenet Ramsey. After his sister's 1996 death, suspicion was cast upon Burke, who was nine-years-old at the time, in certain quarters of the news media. The New York Times: Ramseys and Tabloid Settle JonBenet Lawsuit.
cutenose  6/5/2017

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