Namesakes for Canute

Danish Kings and Queens: 5 kings
      King Knud II the Great (a.k.a. Canute)   1018-1035  
      King Knud III the Hardy (a.k.a. Canute)   1035-1042  
      King Knud IV the Holy (a.k.a. Canute)   1080-1086  
      King Knud V Magnussen (a.k.a. Canute)   1146-1157  
      King Knud VI (a.k.a. Canute)   1182-1202  
English and British Kings and Queens: 2 kings
      King Canute the Great   1016-1035  
      King Harthacnut (a.k.a. Canute)   1040-1042  
Norwegian Kings and Queens: 1 king
      King Knut the Great (a.k.a. Canute)   1028-1035  
Saints: 2 saints
      Saint Canute IV of Denmark   1040-1086  
      Saint Canute Lavard   1096-1131  
Swedish Kings and Queens: 2 kings
      King Knut I (a.k.a. Canute)   1167-1196  
      King Knut II the Long (a.k.a. Canute)   1229-1234