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No hate but it's Karen not Caren, to be honest.
― Anonymous User  11/3/2016
This is my aunt's name, she's over 50 now, the name still sounds fresh and the spelling is less common than the overused and dated Karen. I think my grandparents choose Caren over Karen because my grandfather's name was Carl so they carried on the 'C'.
Cuss10  2/15/2012
A surprisingly good variant. It doesn't look unnatural and the word 'care' doesn't stick out in an unpleasant way.
I still prefer Karen, though.
― Anonymous User  12/7/2010
I chose Caren as my pen name because I love the different spelling - it gives the name a sort of ... uniqueness, in a way, that Karen doesn't have.

However, now, whenever I try to type "care" I end up typing "Caren".
carenrose  8/5/2010
Something about the spelling of Caren makes it take on a characteristic that is different from Karen. For some reason, it looks fresher and less dated than Karen does.
silly_rabbit  8/21/2009
My name is Caren. When I was little, I never liked my name. In fact, I hated it. But now, I love my name and find it very lovely. And you don't see the spelling quite often, either. =]
carenmuffin  8/14/2007
Unlike the original spelling, KAREN, Caren sounds stronger, cooler and more modern than Karen. Karen sounds kind of dull, while Caren sounds cooler and more suitable for the younger generation.
Miracle1980Olympics  6/10/2007

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