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Pronounced KA-ris, like the A in "sat". I prefer this way, but definitely not like CAR-is, and CARE-is. KAH-ris is fine with me, but Ka-rees is the worst.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2010
CARIS is purely a Greek name meaning grace and kindness, but it can be interpreted as a Welsh name meaning love, as "caru" means love in Welsh. The name CARYS is purely a Welsh name meaning love. I don't think it should be with a K because "Karice" would sound and look like another kind of name. Plus, it would be pronounced KA-RICE or KA-REES, no no!
― Anonymous User  3/22/2010
If I used the name Caris I would spell it Karice, pronounced CARE iss.
baileymarissa  9/7/2009
Caris is a Greek name meaning grace, charm, and favor. This is better than the otherwise "Charis". It's by far one of the best Greek names. You hear it a lot in Greek/Christian religion, because it's holy, it's the Greek word for grace. If you're interested in celebrity names consider this: It is similar to Catherine Zeta Jones daughter's name "Carys", and it also sounds similar to "Paris", such as Paris Hilton, so therefore making it cool, ha ha!
― Anonymous User  8/26/2009
Caris was a frontrunner in the competition for her season of Australia's Next Top Model, though she didn't win.
erb816  7/27/2008
I'm considering using Caris as a nickname for Caroline Lewis. Get it? "Car" from Caroline + "is" from Lewis = Caris.
― Anonymous User  12/6/2005

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