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I hate this name, it is my name and I hate it. It's awful, I will never forgive my mother for naming me this. I will never forgive her till the day I die. She gave my sister a nice name, and she has a great name, but she gave me literally the worst name for a girl. Who the hell wants to name their girl a name that sounds like Carl. That's so ugly. Also, people call me Caleigh and Carleen like non stop, it's not that hard of a name to spell or say. In short, I hate this name, and I feel bad for anyone else who bears this name too.
― Anonymous User  10/27/2016
My Name is Carley! It's spelled Carley, I never see anyone with it spelled like this, I mean it's usually Carly, or Carlie, or Karleigh. I hate that. I like the spelling of my name. I wish it was Carleigh though... I'd like to find a meaningful meaning of it though. My middle name's Brooke.
CarCar16  7/26/2015
Carley is a woman in TellTale Games' The Walking Dead video game season 1.
LoriTheGirl  9/4/2014
My friend spells it "Karleigh". When I look at it I always want to pronounce it [Car-Lay]. I personally like the spelling Karlie or Karlee.
― Anonymous User  11/12/2011
I like this spelling. It looks so much better than Karlee or Carlie. However I think it would a better nickname for Charlotte instead of a full name.
― Anonymous User  10/3/2011
I can't imagine why you'd spell it Carliey. Seriously! I don't get why people like to make life harder for their children. *laughs* Okay okay. Anyway, I think this name is cute but it does seem slightly nickname-ish to me.
― Anonymous User  6/21/2010
I like this name. It is sweet, although I prefer it spelled as 'Carliey'.
Patricia Underwood  2/22/2008

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