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I find it hysterical how this spelling dropped from the charts, yet "Carlee" still remains.

Carly, Carlie, Carlee. Carlee is the worst spelling!
― Anonymous User  6/3/2016
One of the characters in the Betsy Byars novel The Pinballs is named Carlie.
Anyechka  6/12/2013
This name has been used for boys on rare occasions, most likely as a diminutive of Carl. I actually kind of like it on a boy, although I think the spelling Carly or Carley looks more masculine. I would never really use it for a boy of course, because this name along with the aforementioned spellings are now regarded as feminine names. I don't like the name Carly for a girl. It sounds very youthful, but I do like the way the spelling Carlie looks. Maybe it could be a nickname for Charlotte or Caroline or even Carlotta :)
― Anonymous User  6/6/2013
The middle name of Renesmee from the Twilight saga; Breaking Dawn. It is a combination of Carlise and Charlie.
SebastianCharlie4evr  8/22/2008
Love it. Prefer 'Carliey' though. Don't know why, it's just different.
Patricia Underwood  2/22/2008
I really don`t know if I like the name or not. Guess I have to because it is my name.
Carli3  5/20/2007

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