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It's my name! I love it, except for every new teacher at school reads my name 'Carolyn' the first time, very offended!
pixie-pramolina  1/14/2006
I've also heard Carlin, used on girls and boys.
― Anonymous User  8/25/2006
Other spellings include:
Carlin, Karlyn, and Karlin.
Patricia Underwood  2/1/2008
Other spellings include:
― Anonymous User  10/12/2008
I prefer the name Caroline much more. This name sounds a little rough to me. But a good nickname is Carly!
Tasia.Margareta  9/21/2009
I prefer this than the overused Carly! I met like four people with the name Carly last year, but this name is pretty and different!
― Anonymous User  10/4/2009
I gave my daughter this name, only we spelled it Karlyn. I used to really regret that decision, but it has grown on me. It's hard to imagine her with a different name.

The people who like the name like the fact that it's different without being "out there". Plus, there's always the option to use the nickname Karly.

The most annoying part of having a kid with this name is that people always mispronounce it and call her Karolyn.
CAmommy  12/12/2010

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