Adults care little about how people's names sound if the bearer is a friendly person.
Estrello  5/8/2020
Cassius "Cash" Green is a character played by Lakeith Lee Stanfield in Sorry To Bother You, an intentionally disturbing and darkly comic indie movie about a young black telemarketer who adopts a white accent to succeed at his job. Swept into a corporate conspiracy, he must choose between profit and joining his activist friends in organising a union against a megacorporation called WorryFree.
Estrello  5/8/2020
I like the sound of it but I’d NEVER use it.
― Anonymous User  4/14/2020
No. Just no.
someone-  4/9/2020
Well, our son's middle name is Ka$h Money. Spelt with the money sign and all. I love it and personally think it's unique. Our son is beautiful and the name goes along well with him. That's what everyone calls him, Ka$h Money.
― Anonymous User  2/15/2020
Really funny, Cash more and more.., collaborate with Demi Moore.. to be Cash More.. :)
pewe19  1/15/2020
Dang, y’all get way too angry over a simple name. Cash is a handsome name I think. I in no way associate it with money when I have heard it as a name. It’s actually common now, so I doubt someone with that name is going to have issues as an adult getting a job. I hate the name Charles or Robert but I would never bash someone for choosing it. These people would make fun of any name that’s not on the top 10 list.
― Anonymous User  11/5/2019
I think the name Kash is a cool name not only because my name is Kash but because it means money and who doesn't like money.
kashmoney  10/11/2019
Coincides with the English word for money.
nylonpanda  9/25/2019
Really funny, but sometimes it's used widely in movies.
maliatina  9/18/2019
Ew. Naming your kid Cash/Kash just seems tacky. It also seems like what a rapper would name their kid.
Feiticeiro  9/3/2019
Cash or Kash is becoming popular. As a teacher that sees many names I have had a good handful of boys with this name and all were actually really handsome kids. My co worker is having a baby and we were all just talking about how hard it is to name a baby as a teacher. Every name you like there’s a student you associate the name with. I will say I don’t think Cash is strange at all and is a name that reminds me of a preppy well put together little guy.
Annie11  5/16/2019
A child with this name would be very valuable!
― Anonymous User  1/31/2019
I love Johnny Cash, but if I wanted to pay a tribute to him with my child's name, you can be damn sure I'd choose John and call him Johnny. Cash as a first name sounds so shallow. It's a soap opera name, or the love interest in a romance novel. Don't do that to your kid.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2018
What a joke.
Curious me  9/2/2018
Silly name. Cash is money, for goodness sake.
kayisforkeen  8/25/2018
I think it is funny when people say Cash means money... lol really? Congratulations on knowing English, Dick Tracey. How about tell us something we don't know. As far as a thug name I never thought of Jonny Cash as being a thug. It's funny how people are so easily offended by anything today yet will make their own ignorant comment on something like a name. No my name is not Cash, nor do I know a Cash, but I am considering it... I'll be sure if I do and a kid makes fun of him he'll know what to do.
Money  8/24/2017
A name a thug would have.
Luvbug86  8/7/2017
While I do like the name, the only Cash I know was the son of a stripper and that kinda ruined it.
― Anonymous User  12/2/2016
I agree with the above comment. The name Cash is creative what I think about it, it's different. It's great to be different.
― Anonymous User  6/2/2016
I can't believe you mental defective losers offering your inane, completely insignificant opinions on names. Here is an idea: what you dislike is not what someone else dislikes. Your vain tastes are not universal. I personally hate names like Sawyer and Connor and Noah. I think they are soft, weak sissy names. However, I don't comment saying "oh this name is bad, I don't like this name. It reminds me of someone I knew in second grade because I am a self absorbed overly opinionated loser." Guess what? Your name doesn't mean anything. No one cares about your child's name except you. If you like it, great! But why on earth are you pathetic cretins commenting on names you don't like? Name your son Balthazar, or your daughter Lexus, but don't get on here offering your pithy opinions on what other people choose to name their child as it is likely your name is reviled just the same.
― Anonymous User  5/8/2016
It's a cool name. Quit being jealous because your son's name is boring.
― Anonymous User  4/4/2016
I know this is an opinion based forum, but some of these comments are down right rude. My son is named Cash after a family member and we've gotten nothing but positive feedback on it. Every time his name is called people react and say "Wow! That's an awesome name!" I think it would suck to be in a class where you have the same name as 5 other children. (I.e.: Jaden, Tyler, Michael, Noah, Jackson, Nicholas)
As stated above this in an opinion based website, but before you call somebody a hillbilly or redneck, you should think twice. You're everything that is wrong with this world.
Shannonb  3/20/2016
This sounds like a hick or redneck name. The kind of name people use to try to sound different or sophisticated but fail miserably. I hate the argument "everybody loves his name" or "everyone compliments his name" who in the hell would tell a child or their mother, "Cash, god that name sucks!" to their face. Ugh.
Quro  2/7/2016
Cash is money. Why on earth would anyone name their child this? It comes across as pretentious and very silly, named by parents obsessed with the idea of money whether they are rich and poor. I can easily picture this name on a trailer-trash type of family in hopes that their spawn will help them out from their rut and make it big in money. The name also stinks of teen parents.
Johnny Cash's name wasn't pretentious or silly. Simply because Cash was his last name which makes it way more tolerable!
― Anonymous User  1/2/2016
Our son's name is Cash. It's a strong name and we don't hear it everywhere we go. People love his name. I never think of money when we call him by his name. Celebrities name their children some off the wall stuff so I think we are safe with Cash.
cls162003  12/3/2015
My son is named Cash. He's 8 and never once has anyone at school or people he's been introduced to have ever called him "money" or "moolah". His older brother is Lucas. I can tell you he loves his name. He knows more than one Zachary, Tyler, John, Daniel ect. But yet to meet another Cash. He fits the name very well at this point. He's a multi-sport athlete in which the name fits well. If he grows up and feels (which I doubt) his name should sound more professional he can go by his middle name. It's better than Pilot Inspector (a celebrity kid's name) and no worse than Apple. I assure everyone that I'm a normal average looking mom that thought very long about what to name my child. He's special to me and therefore his name should be special too.
Momof2  6/1/2015
I named my son Cashton. For short we call him Cash. I think it sounds cool. It reminds me of Johnny Cash more than it does of money. Most people who meet him think it rocks and it totally stands out amongst the sea of Jayden's and Ayden's.
Whatsyourname  10/28/2014
You know, Cash also means money... But not many people know that.
cyclopsgirl14  12/16/2013
Cash sounds strong and jazzy at the same time. I am open minded enough to not get stuck on the fact it can refer to money terms. A lot of words have more then one meaning. It is a fun name. Get over yourselves people.
― Anonymous User  10/20/2013
I can imagine someone who would name their kids names like Axel or zephyr calling their son Cash. Completely ridiculous.
― Anonymous User  1/13/2013
This is the male equivalent of a stripper name.
keepitreal  1/14/2011
Well, Penny's my short name (or nickname, if you will), and I think it mere coincidence that it's the same word as the smallest unit of currency in the UK and some other anglophone countries. But Cash as a name? Sorry, that just doesn't cut it. Maybe it might work as a nickname.
seraphine_eternal  10/15/2010
Cash isn't any better than Penn and there's a Penn Badgley but nobody is commenting on how stupid his name is. I think Cash is a classy, cool name, and if I knew a guy named Cash I would totally tell him how cool he was to have this name.
A.R.  2/27/2010
Oh my God, I can't believe that this is a name!

Yes, you might as well name his sisters "Penny", "Lolly" and "Moolah" and their brother "Dollar" and be done with that. Who is going to take a man (or a boy) named "Cash" seriously?

I can just hear someone say to his parents, "Make sure that nobody takes your Cash!"
gaelruadh19  12/16/2009
Cash is a dumb name that will lead to a lot of teasing, and it's unfortunately the name of the husband of the annoying Jessica Alba.
bananarama  8/3/2009
"Hi, these are my sons Cash and Dollar, and my daughter Penny."

Many people call money Cash, so think twice before naming a child this. It's a nice name though.
-Julia-  8/2/2009
Cash is the name of Saul Hudson("Slash")'s first son.
camilleroxmysox  6/28/2009
Cash Warren is the actor married to actress Jessica Alba, who recently had a baby named Honor Marie.
I don't like the name Cash at all. You might as well name your daughter Penny as well and have done with it.
faye  1/24/2009
This is a bad name. It is like naming your kid Money.
number1212  12/1/2008
There is or was a guy named Johnny Cash.
Akito  5/24/2008
Cash Colligan, bassist for Las Vegas based pop/rock band The Cab is a semi-famous barer of this name.
Moon  5/21/2008
This name has connotations of money. For a while, I worked with someone named this and when I was told his name, I was confused. It makes me imagine a boy named this could grow up to marry a girl named Carrie and then people would call them Cash and Carrie. This is a bad name.
greta-elisif  5/18/2008
Tacky and guaranteed to lead to bad puns and a credibility problem.
slight night shiver  4/20/2008
J. C. Penney of the department store name was James Cash Penney.
eseeayeen  9/21/2007
Johnny Cash, in his autobiography "Cash," says that his surname was changed from the Scottish "Caesche," and they were descended from Queen Ada, sister of Malcolm IV, whose ancestor was King Duff, the first king of Scotland.
eric2008  8/13/2007
Many people would think of money when they heard this name. I think it might make a good nickname for something, but I don't like it on its own.
scarletquillraven  6/2/2007
In the U.S., people refer to Cash as money. So if you live in the U.S., you might want to think twice about naming your kid this.
flipflop1215  1/17/2007

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