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It also means "helper of man" or in the dictionary "one who utters unheeded prophecies."
-- Bast 13  3/25/2005
I wondered what Cassandra - my name - meant. I looked it up in the dictionary. The definition was this: "Greek Goddess means helper of men." My personal opinion is that some meanings are different than others.
-- Ccolio11  4/13/2005
I figured my name was just an excuse to get me to write more because of how long it is. But I think it's beautiful because of its history.
-- Cassiename_14  6/30/2005
The one thing that bugs me about my name is getting called two different names all the time. My name is pronounced Cas"san"dra not Cas'sand'ra. I also have a friend who I share the spelling of name but not the pronunciation of it. If you ever watch "Wayne's World' Mike Meyer's character jumps from one pronunciation to another. It's irritating when someone does that. But all in all a very pretty name!
-- CassandraLee  8/24/2005
Demi Moore played a character named Cassandra in the 1980's cult film "One Crazy Summer".
-- Anonymous User  12/21/2005
I read in a magazine that it meant seductress of men.
-- Anonymous User  12/29/2005
Um, no, it does not mean "seductress of men". That is an error.
-- Kekepania  2/14/2006
Charlie Sheen and his former girlfriend Paula Profit have a daughter named Cassandra Estevez (born 1985).
-- AndrewJKD  1/3/2006
Cassandra is the witty heroine of the novel "I Capture the Castle".
-- puresimplicity  1/6/2006
When I started Ancient Greek lessons I decided to look into my favourite girl's name. I found several possible meanings - 'Bringing light to mankind' was our favourite. If I ever have kids then I'd name my daughter this - saying someone brings light to mankind is a pretty good name, I think.
-- benthedude  1/11/2006
I love my name, I used to hate being called Cassandra but I love the uniqueness of it now. My full name is Cassandra Alicia and I like the idea of the Greek princess/prophetess myth.
-- cassandra_2603  1/18/2006
Cassandra Spagnolo is a beautiful Australian model.
-- lindamaree  3/9/2006
Cassandra is a beautiful name. I love the nickname Cassie. If my first had been a girl the name would have been Cassandra Lynne.
-- Anonymous User  4/25/2006
There is a character by the name Cassandra Goth in the Sims 2 game.
-- rinygrin  5/8/2006
I love the name Cassandra because it's my name. But I am not happy that some people think the name is for witches because it is NOT!
-- cassy girl  5/13/2006
I have always loved the name Cassandra. My parents always told me it meant God's helper and Helper of mankind. I have also heard that it means truthful. I am often told that I have a beautiful name and I agree!
-- popsmozelle  7/18/2006
I love the name Cassandra. I used to hate it because of the length - but now I just think it's gorgeous. Of course I'm partial because it is my name.
-- booka  7/26/2006
My best friend's name is Cassandra and I quite like the name even though it took me forever to learn how to spell it but that's just me. The name Cassandra has quite a meaning with it and very smart people should be named Cassandra just like my friend. She's very very smart.
-- mooseygirl  7/26/2006
Cassandra is a mysterious, graceful Abyssinian cat in the Tony winning Andrew Lloyd Webber hit broadway show.
-- QuaxosBlackCatMagic  8/9/2006
I absolutely love this name for some odd reason, even though it is overused. What surprises me however, is that this name is not somehow related to less popular Cassidy. Odd, isn't it.
-- Starla-Marie_1993  8/11/2006
This is my absolute favorite girls' name! If I ever have a daughter her name will be Cassandra Mary. It is so beautiful and feminine, and it isn't very popular. It has a nice meaning and a history in mythology. So what's not to like about this name?
-- Anonymous User  9/10/2006
My full name is Cassandra Linnette and everyone I talk to tells me my name is beautiful and I think so too. If it wasn't my name already I would name my daughter that. I really believe the thing about the curse put on Cassandra in Greek Mythology because when I know something is going to happen, no one believes me, and when it really does happen, they still think it was just a coincidence. Oh yea and it's a name no one ever teased me for. That's always a good thing to look for when picking a name for a child.
-- sandyp22  10/4/2006
I like my name, but the variation of spelling really makes mine unique. Casandra. ONE s. I do like it. Casandra Marie at first was long and I was made fun of in elementary for it, but it really sets me apart from all my friends named Whitney and Matthew because there are so many! (I do like those names too!)
-- Casando  11/1/2006
When I was younger, I absolutely hated this name, my name. I thought that it was strange and just ugly. Now that I am older, I have really grown to love this name.
-- Anonymous User  11/22/2006
After studying ancient Greece I found out Cassandra means "she who entangles men" just so everyone knows.
-- setsuka13  12/7/2006
Cassandra Austen was the sister of Jane Austen.
-- Missy  12/23/2006
She has always loved this name, particularly its history.
-- Belle  12/30/2006
Cassandra 'Cassie' Turner is a character in the Australian soap, Home & Away. The teen is the foster daughter of Sally and Flynn. She is smart, pretty and loyal.
-- Belle  12/30/2006
It is so funny that people think this name is too long. No one ever says that about Elizabeth or Catherine, which both have nine letters like Cassandra. I think Cassandra is a wonderful name. It's feminine without being cutesy or frilly.
-- KrisMichelle  1/12/2007
My best friend's name is Cassandra and she hates every nickname and spelling of the nickname. But she choose "Casey" as the nickname she liked best.
-- Anonymous User  1/18/2007
I think this name is very pretty.
-- ellahcooper2495  1/29/2007
Cassandra´s pet forms are Cassie, Casey, Sandra, Sandy.
-- Karcoolka  3/18/2007
I think this name is pretty. I also like the nickname Cassie.
-- CharlieRob  5/6/2007
Cassandra is a character in the series "Daughters of the Moon" by Lynne Ewing. She was a follower of the Atrox.
-- Anonymous User  5/9/2007
This name works for a middle name with, like, EVERYTHING. I think it's because the stress is on the second syllable.
-- Anonymous User  5/9/2007
In the 1st new series of Doctor Who, in episode 2, The End of the World, and in the 1st episode of the 2nd series, Cassandra is an evil human who is like a trampoline made of skin.
-- Anonymous User  6/8/2007
I love the name Cassandra. My second girl would be named Cassandra May. I love the meaning shining upon man.
-- Anonymous User  8/29/2007
Cassandra Hughes is the main character in the UK television show 'Hex'.
-- Lucia_Swanne  9/18/2007
Cassandra is the name of the little alien girl, who's adopted by "Dr. Janet Fraiser" after being brought to Earth, after her whole family, as well the whole population of her home planet "Hanka", is killed by the "Goa'uld's" in the Sci-Fi TV show "Stargate SG-1".
-- Charlie1977  10/3/2007
Pronounced "kahs-sahn-dra".
-- Maggie_Simpson  1/28/2008
People wouldn't name thier kids this for a long time because of the prophetess-whom-no-one-would-belive.
-- Anonymous User  3/5/2008
I love this name. It's classic yet very contemporary. Jane Austen's sister's name was Cassandra as well.

Plus, if you were to name your kid Cassandra, she would be able to go by Sandra, Cassie, Cass, or Sandy.
-- tu_es_faux  3/8/2008
Cassandra is the name of the half wolf-coyote breed human hybrid in Lora Leigh's Breed series. First appearing in Elizabeth's Wolf to more recently appeared (much older) in Dawns Awakening.

Her full name is: Cassandra Walker Sinclair, daughter to Elizabeth Walker and Dash Sinclair (wolf breed) (and commonly known and is referred to as Cassie.)
-- Angelsoft  3/29/2008
Yeah I like the name Cassandra, but I never really use it! I have the name but I'm always called Cassie and my friends just call me Cass. But it's one of those names which people say completely when they are really angry with you!
-- CassBlack  5/30/2008
Cassandra is one of my favorite names. Good nicknames are Cassie or Sandy.
-- Anonymous User  6/28/2008
My parents said that when they looked up Cassandra after my sister was born they found it to mean "mystery." But since then I have not found it to mean that.
-- Anonymous User  7/15/2008
I think this is a very sophisticated name. Mine is spelled Kasandra and pronounced (Ka-Sawn-DrA) and everyone around me calls me Kassie (not pronounced KA-See, but simply Ka-see vowel sounding a). I hate when people call me Kasey and all the other mispellings for this name.
-- KasandraGrace  10/26/2008
I absolutely love this name. My sister-in-law has this name and I love it. I hate it when people call her (CASUNDRA). I like the usual saying of Cassandra. She spells her name like the usual spelling.
-- lol_cool  12/8/2008
In Harry Potter, Professor Trelawney claims her great-grandmother was celebrated Seer Cassandra Trelawney.
-- Anonymous User  2/1/2009
Cassandra, Sophitia's sister, is a playable character in Soul Calibur II, III, and IV.
-- ICEyun  2/24/2009
One of the sisters in the movie "Voyage of the Unicorn" is named Cassandra.
-- Martha Gold  4/13/2009
I LOVE IT! It makes me think of the colour blue for some reason. I guess I'm just strange like that :DD

Any girl would be so lucky to have such a beautiful name!
-- Anonymous User  5/31/2009
This is a really pretty name. It is unique, and soft. I also think that the name Cassie is a good nickname, as well as Sandy or Sandra. It is also a name that someone could grow up with. (:
-- RosePetals016  6/27/2009
I'm surprised that no one has yet mentioned Lady Cassandra O'Brien Dot Delta Seventeen from the new Doctor Who series. She calls herself the last 'pure' human on Earth, and is nothing but a stretch of skin with a face stretched over a frame 'like a trampoline'.
-- Ayla  7/26/2009
Robert Fitzgerald, one of the leading Homeric translators, translated the name as "she who entangles men".
-- Athena Nike  7/26/2009
I like this name, but everyone shortens it to Cassie or Cass, and I don't like that nickname.
-- -Julia-  7/26/2009
I like this name, but it seems to be overused in soap operas, not to mention they always go by Cassie. I had a Cassandra in some of my early writings, but she went by Sandy. I think Sandy sounds better than Cassie as a nickname.
-- bananarama  8/10/2009
My best friend's name is Cassander, she's girl. It's almost Cassandra but I think Cassander is even prettier! xoxo
-- Anonymous User  9/6/2009
Cassandra has always been one of my favourite names. It's breathtakingly beautiful, passionate and regal. And I love Cassandra in the myth. However, I don't like any of the "established" nicknames - Cassie, Sandy and especially not Sandra. If I was to use this name, I would give her the nickname Cassa.
-- Anonymous User  10/10/2009
This is the main character's name in Janette Oke's book "They Called Her Mrs. Doc".
-- lovingmother  8/26/2010
A not-so-famous bearer is the character Cassandra Edelstein (portrayed by Eva Amurri) from teen religious satire "Saved!" starring Mandy Moore and Patrick Fugit.
-- DaphneSusan  10/14/2010
I personally love the name, while it is too common for me to use, and I hate the nicknames.
I like it pronounced either way. I've known two Cassandras. (One went by "Sabi" the other "Kassy") Kassy was an annoying, bullying child; the other, "Sabi" was a Dungeon Master and super-geek. I guess it kind of goes to show how this name can fit all personality types.
-- DaphneSusan  10/14/2010
I think this name is older than from the Ancient Greeks. The Ancient Persians had the name Cassandane before it evolved into Cassandra. Cassandane was the wife of Cyrus the Great.
-- gixmonster  10/18/2010
I think, like Alexandra, it sounds very grand without being pretentious. I love it!
-- Chrila96  11/7/2010
I was searching this name because it is my name and read that Cassandra means she who breathes flames of love. I love this name (of course , because it is mine) but also because it is classic, feminine, and elegant.
-- CassandraM  5/15/2011
This is my name, too, though spelled Cassandre "Casse" and I'm actually surprised at how many people with this name like it. As a kid, I was picked on for this name... Sassy, Lassie, Gassy, etc., not to mention Casey, Cassidy, Chastity, and Cass (which I hated, because it was the name of a guy on a soap opera my grandmother watched). As an adult I'm more okay with it, but still don't care for it. Plus people on the phone always hear Cathy. Growing up my mother said it meant 'defender of man', like Alexandra does and I thought that was a really stupid meaning compared to my brother's which meant "gift of God".
-- Anonymous User  11/8/2011
So-so name. It sounds pretty, but doesn't look to good on paper. I prefer the spelling Casandra. My friend's little sister has this name and we call her Dra (pronounced Druh) xD.
-- Justine_Adrian  11/12/2011
A variant of this name is Cassondra, pronounced Kuh sawn druh.
-- CassondraShine  4/2/2012
My dad wanted to call me this when I was born, but mum wouldn't let him. I am about to change my horrible first name (the one they chose was much worse, funnily enough), and am thinking of using this one. I like the shortening of Cass.
-- chocolatefrog  5/25/2012
I never liked this name, especially because it has the word "a**" in it... think about when your daughter will learn now to spell her name, "C-A-S-S, etc...". A** :(
-- flamingrubyred  1/1/2013
I've known one person with this name, and she pronounced it cas-on-dra, which I don't really like. I do like pronunciation ca-sand-ra though, it's been growing on me :)
-- Anonymous User  1/27/2013
Cassandra Clare, author of the Mortal Instruments series. I think it's a pseudonym.
-- thesnowwhiterose  5/21/2013
I like this name, but the meaning is a bit bad and sexist.
-- MeinNameIstMelissa  6/28/2013
I recently began to really love this name, I especially like the nickname 'Cas'.
-- Anonymous User  7/12/2013
Cassandra Cain is the name of a DC Comics character, who has served as Batgirl in various Batman comics and in her own comic book series. I've always loved this name; it's pretty but not too common or plain.
-- sunshinechild67  7/26/2013
This has always been one of my favorite names since I was a child. It was especially exciting when there was a character in one of my favorite games (Soul Caliber, mentioned above), who had the name. She instantly became my favorite character. This name will always have a special place in my heart.
-- EkiAku  8/2/2013
There's something super sophisticated about this name. I love it!
-- Reenie_12  8/2/2014
Very nice and decent name but I prefer the spelling of Casandra (one S) because it doesn't have Ass like cASSandra does.
-- ThatMazerunnerfan  9/6/2014
My niece is called this. As it is always shortened to Cassie it is easy to forget what a beautiful name CASSANDRA really is.
-- fugfacedmermaid  12/28/2014

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