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The one thing that bugs me about my name is getting called two different names all the time. My name is pronounced Cas"san"dra not Cas'sand'ra. I also have a friend who I share the spelling of name but not the pronunciation of it. If you ever watch "Wayne's World' Mike Meyer's character jumps from one pronunciation to another. It's irritating when someone does that. But all in all a very pretty name!
CassandraLee  8/24/2005
Pronounced "kahs-sahn-dra".
Maggie_Simpson  1/28/2008
My name is Cassandra Elaine, which I really love. I pronounce my name as Cuh/Cas-sand-ra. Some people say my name as Cuh-saun/sawn-dra, but I don't really mind.
People might say that there is a certain word within the name in which they like the spelling - Casandra better. But, the fact is when people pronounce this name, they don't usually say the name with a stress on the first few words unless they do it intentionally. The stress belongs on san in Cus-SAN-dra. That is how I pronounce my own name.
I like the meaning of my name as "helper/servant of mankind" along with my middle name Elaine which means "light."
So in full, my name can be interpreted as a personal message of how to live my own life: be of help and serve mankind, and continue to be a light to the world, shining through my actions.
cecmusic322  12/9/2015

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