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Gender: Feminine, Masculine [noted -ed]

Usage: Welsh, English

Pronounced: KEH-ri (Welsh), KEHR-ee (English)

Meaning: Derived from the Welsh word caru meaning "to love". It is also the Welsh feminine short form of CERIDWEN and English variant of KERRY.
RHAWK3935  10/12/2019
This is my name; it's not bad being called Ceri, although if you say it aloud everyone thinks its spelled Kerry, and if you write it down people think your name is said SERRY.

I've never met another person called Ceri - apparently this is important to parents, although I don't really understand why. It's not like I spent my childhood going, "Wow another day at school being the only kid called Ceri; what a freaking thrill".
SandSea  3/23/2010
I agree it can only be pronounced 'Kerry'. The Welsh 'C' is only ever pronounced 'K'. If you want your child to be named 'Serry', name them Serry. Not difficult.
SioniWinwns  7/11/2008
My friend Ceri's pronunciation of the name is KERRY.
RumoZamonien  7/5/2007
Being fluent in Welsh and having several Ceri's at the school which I attend, I would like to point out that Ceri can NOT be pronounced Serry - only like Kerry.
DontDissMadison  5/2/2007
Ceri Sweeney is a rugby player for Newport Gwent Dragons and Wales' International Team.
Linebacker  2/28/2007
I think that this is much prettier than the name Kerry, even though it's pronounced the same.
dreadfulxsorry  2/2/2007
Inside Wales, a C is only a hard C, so it would never be anything other than 'Kerry'.
― Anonymous User  7/20/2006
Also pronounced SAIR-ee or SER-ee.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2006
Pronounced the same as 'Kerry'.
― Anonymous User  1/28/2006

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