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The usual pronunciation of Charis is KA-riss, rhyming with "Harris".
Elly747  4/11/2005
I agree, the name is actually pronounced KAH-riss or Kar-riss (rhymes with Harris), and not Shah-reez or anything like that. In Greek it is probably spelled Karis (the letter C doesn´t exist in the Greek alphabet as far as I know).
― Anonymous User  4/13/2005
The Greek letter Chi is usually transliterated CH.
― Anonymous User  4/15/2005
You pronounce it ca-ris not kayrees. And believe me I should know because I'm called Charis. But I love knowing the history of my name very intersting, but also the name means love not just kindness.
charis  10/27/2005
While my name and almost every other Charis or Karis I've met is pronounced Care-ris (like Paris), I've also met a girl who pronounces it Chair-ris. Though I agree that I've never met a Sha-REES or Ka-REES before.
a_charis  11/1/2005
My name is Charis pronounced Char-is. I have met more people who pronounce it Kar-is which I call the Greek pronunciation. From the little I have found the Char-is pronunciation came from the English or Welsh. Has anyone heard anything about this way of saying Char-is?
Joy30  4/21/2007
Pronounced "chah-RIS".
Emilie007  9/1/2008
This name is pronounced KAH'ris or KAR'is. In Greek it's pronounced HA'rees. It's one of the coolest names out there and anyone would be fortunate to be given this name. This is also my name and I have to say I never had a bad day.
― Anonymous User  12/4/2008
I know a girl named Charis (rhymes with ferris.)
Liesl  11/9/2010
In Greek this is pronounced hah-rees. The CH- sound like an H.

In an English speaking country I'd go with KA-riss, though.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2011
My mother found this spelling in a Greek history book "Charis" and that is how I spell my name. However, it is pronounced Sha-REES. I know of another who uses the same pronunciation but a different spelling. In looking up the meaning of the name, I have found that it means charity as it relates in the Bible.
LadyAuthor47  12/24/2011
There may be a lot of ways of pronouncing it, and that's what's funny about it. The right way to pronounce it according to the English transliteration of the Greek letter "Chi" is Kah-ris. The Google translator pronounces it "Chair-is", but that's unrelated, and doesn't come from the Greek word. Google doesn't recognize it because it's not in the English dictionary. My opinion is Kah-ris is the right way, and any other way would sound tacky.
Chitz67  12/28/2011
In Greek the name is Χάρης which would be pronounced with an H, Haris Vlavianos (Χάρης Βλαβιανός) is a Greek poet. I think this wiki has better info on the correct pronunciations
― Anonymous User  2/4/2012
My best friend is called Charis spelt this way, and her's is pronounced Karis. Many people get confused and call her Ch-aris, or Char-ees. Is Carys pronounced K'reez or Karis?
hollie2305  3/23/2012
In Greek, the letter Chi, transcribed as "ch", makes an aspirated "h" sound. It's a bit softer than the German "ch" sound, as in Bach.

Just pronounce it with a "k" sound, as you would pronounce "charisma" or "Christmas".
Tiger Lilly  7/2/2013
The only person I've ever known with this name pronounced it CHAR-is. Since that was my first exposure to the name, that is how I tend to think of it, and I think it sounds very pretty. However, the KAR-is pronunciation is pretty too, and no doubt more correct.
shadow1999  11/10/2013
Since I'm Greek and I'm called Charis (or Χάρις in Greek) I know pretty well that in our language letter X is somehow pronounced like an H. So in Greek it sounds more like the name Harry, or like Harris! :)
joysheep  2/15/2014

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