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My name is Che and I'm a girl :(
― Anonymous User  12/26/2015
Please, don't! Che Guevara was a jerk, and definitely not someone you'd want to name your kid after.
Buneary  11/10/2012
Che can be used as a (part) diminutive of José. For example, a common nickname for José María or José Manuel is Chema.
overtheclouds  11/9/2012
This name is not used at all in Spain.
― Anonymous User  9/19/2012
Please DO NOT even consider naming your kid Che! It's not a name. Plus, Che Guevara is a terrible namesake. He was quite arrogant, and he was extremely racist against blacks and Mexicans. Still think he's a good namesake?
Bonquiqui  6/7/2012
Che Guevara was actually quite respectful to blacks, and was not insane. Not saying he was a good person (that's debatable, as are most things), but I do protest some of the claims made about him here.
ComradeJocasta  6/1/2015
This is NOT a name. AT ALL. I'm a native Spanish speaker.

The only reason Ernesto "el Che" Guevara was nicknamed "el Che" is because he was Argentinian (the reasoning for this comes rom the fact that "Che" is a common Argentinian mannerism/linguistic filler so it was a way to set him part).
ely_riverbank  4/17/2011
Che is not a name, it's an expression. Che Guevara was insane, so why name your kid after him?
bananarama  7/23/2009
A silly little name for idiots who worship Che Guevara.
slight night shiver  4/20/2008
The word CHE is a suffix from the Mapudungun language, this native language is still spoken in Southern Latin America including Argentina and Chile. The suffix 'che' means 'people'. For example 'curiche' meaning dark people (curi: black+che: people), 'mapuche' (mapu: earth, field+che: people) referring to those who belong to this native group. In Argentina, the term CHE was taken from Mapudungun and it is still used as a vocative only, but never as a name. -Spadilla, MA Linguist
susanpad  11/16/2007
Che & Cheo are Spanish nicknames for Jose in many parts of the world.
Etymologa  5/19/2007
Wasn't this the name of the narrator in the movie Evita?
― Anonymous User  4/7/2007
In Mexico Che is short for "pinche" which is equivalente to the "f" word in English.
michi_vane  3/3/2007
Being from Argentina, I have never heard this used as a name. People just use 'Che' as a formal kind of "Hey you". The only way I can think to compare this is to say that it is kind of used like "Dude" in the States.
writing the world  2/13/2007

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