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I think this name is nice for a boy, but I prefer it on a girl. I'm not in the "any-name-that-ends-with-"a"-must-be-feminine" camp, but, to me, Ciardha sounds feminine, because I associate it with Ciara, another awesome name. Ciardha isn't a common name in Ireland, and I've only come across it in the surname Ó Ciardha (like Pádhraic Ó Ciardha from TG4). I'm not sure if it's even used for boys anymore. For boys, I prefer Ciar and Ciarán. I love Ciardha for a girl. It's both cool and pretty sounding. Makes me think of a dark-haired, free-spirited teenage girl.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2009
Ciardha is pronounced KEER-ya. When at the middle of a word or name, "dh" is pronounced like "y" in Irish.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2009
LMS  5/15/2016

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