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We named our daughter Clarisse, nickname Clary. People seem to love her name and I am glad we went with this more modern-looking version than Clarice. While I love both names, there are far less comments about Silence of the Lambs when people read her name rather than just hear it!
Joiya  8/25/2015
Clarisse LaRue, daughter of Ares, cabin 5. Character in the Percy Jackson series (and Heroes of Olympus).
theadiragram  12/30/2011
Clarisse McClellan, character in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.
Bunko0  9/24/2011
I love the name Clarisse. I prefer this spelling over Clarice, because I think that spelling looks a little bit plain and old lady-ish, and also doesn't have the Clarisse McClellan association, who is a book character I love (mentioned before by another poster).

I think Clarisse looks and sounds beautiful. It can also be shortened to the more down-to-earth Reese, Claire, and perhaps Clara. How lovely!

I want this to be the name of my first daughter.
Bunko0  8/5/2011
I find Clarisse ineffably enchanting.
Wordsmith  3/29/2008
This name reminds me of Clarisse McClellan from Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. I think it's beautiful.
Eee  6/12/2007

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