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Oh, wow. You don't ever want to try to justify this name on a non-Jewish child to some people. Such a contentious issue.
-- vomiting  2/27/2011
I agree. Jews DO NOT use this name. Cohen is incredibly offensive, tacky, and ridiculous. Since it's associated with Kohanim Jews, it's like naming your child Priest. Cohen is yet another name that popular culture has influenced parents to use, although it's not a good association. I'd rather see Bronx Mowgli or Egypt Dean. That is why Cohen is a bad name. There are plenty of other names out there.
-- bananarama  2/28/2011
Among Jews, this name would be rather sacrilegious to use, especially if you are not a Cohen and most of all if you are not Jewish. I cannot believe how ignorant some people are who use this name.
-- Anonymous User  12/27/2011
I've noticed Cohen's rising popularity and as a given name. Originally, I was weirded out by this. Why would people want to name their kids a common Jewish surname? Then I realized that not only did it appear in pop-culture, but it has this "unique", trendy appeal: It's a firm, 2-syllable name with a long vowel as the first syllable, and ending in "-en". Similar names of this manner would be Caden, Coltan, Logan, Brayden, and Mason. Also, it's something... different. Ok, I get it. I'm not offended.

While the meaning is merely "high priest of ancient Israel", it's also understandable why many people would not be turned away by its meaning. However, understand that the meaning is much deeper than this to the Jewish community, as the Messiah is believed to be a descendant of the Kohenim lineage. If this deeper meaning seems "cool" to you, then understand that the offense to using this name would be like a non-Muslim baby being named Mohammad just because of the way it "sounds", or an Atheist naming their child Jesus.

If you name your child Cohen, Jews will know you're not Jewish because Jews would not use this name (as it is a title, not a given name). Even secular Jews wouldn't use it since it's such a common surname. I understand if you live in an area with no Jewish community in sight, then why should you worry? Well, many people may be very confused by this. Your child may even experience anti-Semitism, even though he isn't Jewish.

I also don't recommend common surnames as being used as first names in general (unless it is also a common given name). Overall, this name will lead to much confusion (and some offense). An alternative is the Dutch name Koen, which has a different meaning all together.
-- Tiger Lilly  6/16/2013
It's a name people, it belongs to nobody so build a bridge and get over it. Just because a religion has a priest associated to the name doesn't make it forbidden. What is a Jew? Who is a Jew? Anything or anybody who practices that religion.
-- Rawb  8/13/2014
Was aware that Cohen was a Jewish surname before we chose it as our sons name. We decided on Cohen because we both love Leonard Cohens music. As I'm agnostic, I could care less about the religious meaning of the name.
-- martmac  9/25/2014
I really like this name, I think it has kind of a bad ass sound to it, I would consider using it.
-- BuyBeerOrPayTheRent  10/5/2014
Anyone who is offended by a name is a ridiculous human being! I named my son Cohen due to the fact my favourite song was written by Leonard Cohen and also due to the fact I like the name! As an atheist I do not worry myself with offending religious people regardless of their faith and If I liked the name I would have had no problem with calling my child Mohammed! If a religious person is offended by my son's name then that is unfortunately their problem. Offense is 'taken' and not 'given' especially if it is not intended to offend anyone! It is therefore the problem of the person who is offended to worry about! I am personally offended by people who believe in any religion as I see it as an insult to human intelligence that they believe in god and are arrogant enough to believe they just happened to be born in the correct place or country to believe in the one 'true' god! However when I meet religious people I do not judge them or make comments about their faith! Each to their own in my opinion and if anyone says to my son that his name is offensive then I will tell him to treat it with the complete lack of concern it deserves! Get a grip people no one owns a name especially not a made up fantasy story about a man who lives in the sky!
-- Anti-bullcrap  10/10/2014
I named my son Cohen in 2008.
I fell in love with the name after the popular show called 'the O.C'.
I couldn't care less what anyone else thinks of it. Or any other religion. Some of these comments make me laugh. I love my little Cohen and couldn't imagine him being called anything else.
-- Cohenismylove  11/29/2014

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