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Famous bearer is musician and lyricist Cole Porter.
-- mariej2  9/10/2005
Old King Cole of the nursery rhyme refers to a real king of Britain, probably during the Roman occupation.
-- breakofday  12/30/2005
The name Cole is a very hot name for a guy. I like it.
-- Anonymous User  3/31/2006
Cole is a character in Terry Brooks' "Scions of Shannarra" series. He is the brother of Par Ohmsford.
-- Anonymous User  4/18/2006
The child character in "The Sixth Sense" (I see dead people) is called Cole. (Played by Haley Jole Osmont)
-- Mommy2B  5/24/2006
The name of a half-demon on the TV show 'Charmed'.
-- svit-kona  7/23/2006
How did this name get in the top 100? it reminds me of what naughty kids get in their stockings at Christmas.
-- Anonymous User  8/21/2006
I like this, but it feels too short for a first name on its own. I think I would use it as an unusual nickname for Nicholas.
-- Sera M.  8/28/2006
Cole short for Nicholas? That's a great idea!
-- Anonymous User  8/30/2006
I love this name, I don't know why either. I just do. Cole. It's a very nice name!
-- classy  9/2/2006
I heard from a boy named Cole in my school that his name means "cabbage farmer". I just thought that was interesting.
-- Anonymous User  9/28/2006
I don't really like this name on its own. It seems too simple and short. I find it boring. But it would make an awesome short form for Nicholas, as was already mentioned.
-- scarletquillraven  2/14/2007
This is a very nice name. It's strong yet soft. I think a boy or man named Cole would be very sweet and kind for some reason.
-- Anonymous User  2/23/2007
I've seen it spelled Kohl.
-- MThenard  2/26/2007
Really? More than awful. "Kohl" is the German word for "cabbage" - so, yeah, that's a cute name for a person, sure!
-- LoQuiero  2/4/2008
Cole Sprouse is from the Sweet Life of Zack and Cody.
-- flipflops5  3/2/2007
I used to like this name. Then I met two guys named Cole. I still think people should use the name though, it's cool.
-- Anonymous User  3/3/2007
Positive connotations with this name, the Cole I know is pretty rad. I can't see anyone else with the name, though. That would be weird.
-- Anonymous User  3/13/2007
I think this name is so cute spelled "Cohl." It makes it more unique and less common.
-- elysa  3/14/2007
I named my second son Cole. But I added another first name after Cole, because it is such a short name. He is Cole Anthony. I just love that Nicholas idea, that's brilliant! Cute nicknames occur from Cole as well. Like Coleslaw!
-- sprynk  6/2/2007
I used to not like this name because it reminded me too much of 'coal' which I wouldn't want to see as a name. But after I met a good friend, Cole, I like it because I have a good image when I think of it.
-- Anonymous User  6/10/2007
Cole Sprouse, twin brother of Dylan Sprouse was born on August 4, 1992. He has been seen in quite a few TV shows and movies, including Big Daddy and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
-- Brianna Angela  8/3/2007
It seems a little too common and short sounding.
-- Anonymous User  1/1/2008
In the hit American TV show Charmed, one of the love interests of the sisters, and an evil demon, for the first few series is called Cole Turner, played by Julian MacMahon. The character Cole Turner is eventually vanquished/killed off.
-- 00Jayd-Dani  6/10/2008
Every Cole I know (6 of them) do not have dark features at all! I think of Cole as a bright name, despite that it sounds like 'coal'.
-- xDarkxPainx  9/10/2008
I thought this was a nickname for Nicholas. It could always be used as one. By itself I do not like Cole, but as a nickname for Nicholas it is good.
-- Anonymous User  12/24/2008
Cole is also the nickname for girls named Nicolette.
-- Eiya Loki  6/2/2009
Don't like it. It's too trendy, and it looks like it should be short for Nicole and therefore girly.
-- bananarama  11/4/2009
Nat King Cole is a famous singer.
-- Anonymous User  5/14/2011
Cole MacGrath is the main character's name in the video game, inFamous.
-- Zepton  8/1/2011
Cole Phelps is the main character in the video game, L.A. Noire!
-- lakin5  5/3/2012
Kind of weird that not many other people agree, but this name is sooo über trendyyy! It's not the worst name ever, but honestly, it sounds like the word coal. Which is what you get in your stocking on Christmas if you're bad.
-- Anonymous User  2/19/2013
My name is Nicole, and (as I feel it is too girly for me) I'm thinking about asking people to call me Cole. I love the name, and I think it makes a great nickname for a Nicole that doesn't want to stick with the girly-sounding Nicole or Nikki (or Nicki or Nicci or Nikky or however you deign to spell it). It's a great name.
-- RoseWeasley95  2/23/2013
This given name is also frequently used as a nickname for other names starting with Col-, such as Colby and Colton. I myself actually know an American man named Colton who has always gone by Cole in his life.
-- Lucille  9/19/2013
My sons middle name! I love it. To me it sounds mysterious and I love that it's not too common.
-- Emmettsmomma2010  10/29/2013
I'm sorry, I just can't not think of literal "coal" every time I hear this annoyingly popular name.
-- TomCat2  1/10/2014
I know twins named Cole and Tristan. I think the names together sound awesome!
-- MonkeyRia  5/14/2014
The name Cole makes me think of a male with dark features. Definetly black hair or at least dark brown. Blonde hair as long as their eyes are brown.
I can't picture a redhead named Cole for the life of me! Lol.
-- ThatMazerunnerfan  7/10/2014
This is a sexy, handsome and cool sounding name for a guy. :D Cole MacGrath off the video game Infamous is who I think of. :D.
-- LoveHeartKawaii  8/6/2014
Cole Plante, a DJ and producer. :)
-- LoveHeartKawaii  8/7/2014
I love this name! I plan to name my first son, Cole Alexander (: ♥

Love that combo. So simple, decent, masculin and handsome.
-- Anonymous User  9/2/2014

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