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It's pronounced CO-lin, like Colin Powell. Collin is pronounced KAHL-in.
-- mariej2  5/23/2005
No, I spell my name Colin and pronounce it with a short o not a long o. I'm not a punctuation mark or a part of the anatomy I'd rather not talk about.
-- coolinout  6/6/2005
Actually, if you want to get phoentical about it, Collin is pronounced KAHL-Lin, with the break between the two consonants. Colin would break either before or after the l, and in this case, it is after the l for a pronunciation of KAHL-in.
-- cabernet  6/27/2005
It should be pronounced KAHL-in, not CO-lin, because that sounds like a body part. It reminds me of in Mr. Deeds when the guy goes "Congratulations, you have a spastic colon." Pronounce it like KAHL, because that way it won't gross people out, and it just sounds a lot better.
-- trayc53  7/3/2006
Mr. CO-lin Powell has no right to change my name. I have been called Colin all my life, I see no reason why this gentleman should decide to alter how my name is pronounced. Please Mr Powell leave my name as it is, Colin and not CO-lin.
-- Niloc  10/8/2005
Seriously, if you want to be called CO-lin spell it COLON. Just so we have no confusion.
-- Anonymous User  12/16/2005
Colin is getting popular in Sweden. Parents might have discovered the name through British director Colin Nutley who is married to a Swedish actress and has made "films-about-Swedes-and-Swedishness" his speciality.
-- Anonymous User  12/17/2005
Colin Craven is the name of a character in "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Adorable book! I loved it as a child. There is no doubt that book is why I am sentimental about this name today.

I have watched three films based on "The Secret Garden," one of them filmed as early as the 1940s. In each film the character's name is pronounced KAHL-in.
-- Gwenllian  2/8/2006
I pronounce it COL-LIN. Rhymes with pollen.
-- Druid  2/10/2006
Famous bearer is Colin Firth, AKA MR. DARCY!
-- beautyofwords9  3/21/2006
"Colin" is a form of the name "Nicholas" which means "Victory of the People".
-- Anonymous User  7/13/2006
I personally think that the spelling of "Colin" is better with only one L. I think it looks better on paper and it just makes more sense to me.
-- Anonymous User  7/13/2006
Actor Colin Hanks (born 1977), son of Da Vinci Code superstar Tom Hanks, bears this name.
-- bean  8/22/2006
Colin Creevey (One of Harry Potter's friends) bears this name.
-- bean  8/22/2006
Sorry to all the Colin's out there, but I honestly can't stand the name! I know a Colin and he's awful! =(
-- gym4god  3/2/2007
I have a friend and he spells his name 'Caulin'.
-- writersblock  5/15/2007
The name can also be spelled Calin. I'm pretty sure it's Romanian. I know someone with the name spelled like that.
-- Anonymous User  6/13/2007
Colin Greenwood is the bassist in the band Radiohead.
-- scholasticastewart  11/11/2007
This name reminds me of colon. Not the one you use in writing either. ;)
-- jasmineenimsaj  2/10/2008
Colin Sullivan, one of the main characters in The Departed, played by Matt Damon.

Also, Colin Mochrie, a Canadian comedian.
-- Anonymous User  12/27/2008
I like this name because I like Colin Firth. It's also a strong, masculine-sounding name IMO.
-- Amanda_M87  2/24/2012
Growing up, one of my best friends' name was Collin. He was a one-of-a-kind person: good-hearted, extremely intelligent, creative, an amazing amateur actor, funny, and is now in Nepal, translating books. That is the impression I will always have of this name, and if I am ever blessed with a son, this is definitely one of the first names I will consider. Colin Morgan, by the by, plays Merlin in the TV show Merlin (and his personality seems to be remarkably like that of the Collin I grew up with).
-- Gypsy November  9/13/2012
Another famous bearer is Colin Mochrie, a Canadian improv comedian, actor, and author. His main success was as a performer on both the UK and US versions of the improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway?. He was also a member of the infamous Second City improv group. I think he has been in a few movies and tv shows as well, but the only one on the top of my head right now is a sitcom with his wife, called Almost Famous.
-- anoldfashionedgirl  3/2/2015

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