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In Sweden you can run cooper, it means that you run 2 km. (km = 1000 meters).
Dahlis  2/18/2006
In the short-lived 2004 ABC series "The Days", the main character is Cooper Day (played by actor Evan Peters), a 15-year-old dealing with his Father, Mother, and siblings lives as well as his.
Pheadirean  6/8/2006
This is my absolute favorite name. It's perfect for a little boy.
dani_08  10/21/2006
On a video game, a character's name is Sly Cooper, and Cooper is the last name. If you ask me, I would use this name as a middle name because your child will be made fun of if this is his first name. I know this because COOPER RHYMES WITH POOPER.
Taydbug112  11/14/2006
Cooper is an awesome name for a boy. I just finished reading a book where one of the characters name was Cooper and it just stuck with me and I thought of what a cool name it is.
― Anonymous User  11/17/2006
Zuber is the German form of Cooper.
Missy  1/5/2007
I'll be frank: because of its resemblence to "pooper", I do not like this name and I secretly shiver with disgust when I hear it.
gaelruadh19  1/14/2007
This name is overused and sounds snotty.
― Anonymous User  1/27/2007
Overused? POOPER? I have no idea where you are coming from on the first one and the second one is just immature.
YMPvt  3/17/2007
I have to agree with the above comment, overused? and pooper? This is a cool name that you don't hear of often.
― Anonymous User  4/1/2007
I like the name Cooper! And yes, it does rhyme with pooper, but hey! What about SUPER? My brother's name is Cooper, and when it is his turn to clean up our dog's "mess", we call him "Cooper the Super Pooper Scooper". He doesn't get teased because of it, and it is unique. He really enjoys his name, too.
jattie  6/16/2007
Dr. Cooper Freedman is a pediatrician on ABC's Private Practice.
― Anonymous User  10/20/2007
I love the name Cooper. I especially love it for a girl, because in the series Circle of Three, one of the main characters name is Cooper, and she's a girl. Cooper Point is also the name of the street I live on.
harry_sent_me  11/1/2007
Cooper Rivers is one of the main characters in the Teenage Wiccan series Circle of Three, which is an awesome series by the way.
harry_sent_me  11/1/2007
Sorry, I don't like the name Cooper either. I do think of "pooper Cooper" or "pooper scooper." Or even "poop coop." And I don't think I'm immature for noticing that it rhymes with certain words. That's the way language works. But hey, if someone else likes the name, more power to him/her.
Coffeebean  1/1/2008
Well, it is a cool nickname for a guy with the last name of Cooper. It's a bit surname-y as a first name, but it sounds pretty cool. The name is very massculine, and I find it ridiculous on any females, including tomboys and the masculine and androgynous women. Only as a nickname for their surname if it's Cooper can this be used on females without sounding like crap. And who the hell uses the word 'pooper' after the age of 15 anyway? Some dimwitted frat boy? Sheesh, grow up.
slight night shiver  5/19/2008
I'm not overly fond of this as a name because when I think "Cooper" I think "barrel maker" before anything else. To me, it's like naming your kid "Blacksmith." I don't hate the name or anything, it just strikes me as odd.
squareular  8/7/2008
Don't you realize what this rhymes with? And I'm sickened by the fact that it's rising up the charts at sonic speed.
bananarama  9/14/2008
I believe one of Hugh Hefner's sons is named Cooper.
Grimscarlett  9/27/2008
I quite like the name. I know a person with this name, and he never had any bad nicknames as a kid. It's a unique name without being crazy. Everyone calls him Coop, and even in high school he never had any problems!
blcc_2009  12/21/2008
I love the name Cooper. A friend of mine has this name and not one person has ever teased him about it.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2009
Considering what this name rhymes with, it's surprising to see it so trendy now. I've even seen a Cooper, Jr.; why would you want to pass on a name like that?
Anyechka  9/1/2009
I think Cooper has to be one of the most disgusting boys name out there! I mean why Cooper, why?!
starz26  4/10/2010
Coopers Brewery is an Australian beer company based in South Australia. They make boutique beers.

Because of this, I always think of it as a name chosen by alcoholics with social aspirations.

It's like, "Sure our son is named after booze, but he's named after HIGH CLASS booze".
keepitreal  1/14/2011
Funnily enough, we named our dog after that very beer! I cannot imagine this name on a person, it just sounds weird. I hear more animals named Cooper than people here in Australia.
aussiejess  6/10/2011
As a last name there's Sheldon Cooper from the show The Big Bang Theory.
Meapergirl  12/19/2011
MINI COOPER. That's just wrong. Why would you name your child after a car?
― Anonymous User  1/31/2012
My name is Cooper, and I am a girl. I first started off hating my name because it was something different and I was made fun of. However the name now fits me, I love it! I was named for my grandfather (whom I never had the pleasure of meeting). My grandfather was well loved and for me to carry that name on is a blessing. I think the more interesting the name the better. As for being made fun of, it's easy to pick on someone even with the most common of names. So please before you decide to hate something because of what it rhymes with, stop and think about how easy it is to make fun of someone else for a reason other than their name.
supercoop1021  5/9/2012
To be honest, I never even noticed this name rhymes with "pooper", and really, I don't care. I think it's a pretty nice name. I don't think I'd use for any children of mine (it sounds more like a nice character name to me), but if someone else likes enough to use it on your son, go right ahead! Only little kids would say a thing like that, and your son will only be a little kid for a fraction of his life. Also, in this day and age, I think its gotten common enough that most kids wouldn't tease someone with it anyway. I think they would more likely to pick on the name if it was unpopular or something. It's a nice name, and although it's not one of my favorites, I really don't see anything wrong with it. Good choice!
spaz123  7/27/2012
Normally I'm not into surname-y or occupational names, but I quite like Cooper. It's cute on a little boy without sounding ridiculous on an adult. I have a seven-year-old cousin named Cooper, and we call him Super Duper Mr. Cooper, which he loves.
― Anonymous User  1/19/2013
This name sounds surname-y and modern. No offense to anyone who has this name, but to me it just doesn't sound intelligent or dignified at all. Not only that, but it sounds like a dog's name! (I'm so surprised I'm the first person to say that!) I'm disgusted that "names" like this become so popular so suddenly. It'll die down in five years and become another dated, trashy fad name like so many others that have for some reason beyond me, made it into the top 100.
― Anonymous User  4/3/2013
I think this would be a really cute and unique name for a girl! I don't think it's what I would choose if I had a little girl, but maybe for a character in a story or something it would work.
CarefullySoaring  6/25/2013
I really think this should be left as a last name. And please don't name a little girl this. Just no.
citylights  8/20/2013
Cooper "Coop" Burtonburger is the main character in Kid Vs. Kat.
Franklansburg  3/8/2014
My dogs' name is Cooper. And I know a little boy about 2 years old named Cooper. I like it, but I don't think I could ever name a child after my dog.
igoesrawrOMG  9/21/2014
I agree with all the posters who said that Cooper is primarily a dog's name, not only because it sounds odd to me as a boy's first name, but because the numbers confirm it. In the United States, Cooper is the 12th most common name for male dogs, just behind Buster and Duke. As a boy's name, it's much farther down the list at #67, and it didn't break into the top 100 until 2004. In light of the numbers, it's not surprising that most people think of Cooper as a dog's name. I love dogs, so I'd get a chuckle if a couple named their sons Rover, Cooper, and Fido... but obviously that would be cruel, so please don't.
JamesK  11/9/2014
Travel writer Peter Jenkins wrote "A Walk Across America," a best-selling book about his journey across the United States accompanied by his loyal dog Cooper, an Alaskan Malamute.
JamesK  11/9/2014
Cooper is the name of a long-haired chihuahua who belongs to fashion designer Vera Wang. Wang is a noted dog-lover and supporter of many animal-related charities.
JamesK  11/9/2014
"Angel Dog" was a 2011 family movie about a stray dog named Cooper, who helped a father cope with the loss of his wife and children in a car accident. (In some markets, the movie was released under the alternate title "Cooper.")
JamesK  11/9/2014
Cooper pooper. Coop Poop. Chicken boy

PLEASE THINK ABOUT THAT BEFORE YOU SLAP THIS ONTO YOUR CHILD. REMEMBER THAT KIDS CAN BE CRUEL! I wouldn't mind this name at all if it didn't rhyme with something.
― Anonymous User  11/14/2014
I would never think of this as a first name, but it's a common surname. Two famous bearers that haven't been mentioned yet are rock star Alice Cooper (a man, despite the name Alice) and Oscar-winning actor Chris Cooper.
lucky777  12/7/2014
This is a dog's name to me. Also, it's one typo away from a very unfortunate word.
― Anonymous User  12/15/2014
I think the name Cooper is perfect and cute. This name rocks! :D.
― Anonymous User  5/4/2015
With a few exceptions, I'm not really a fan of surnames as first names, therefore I don't like Cooper.
― Anonymous User  5/26/2015
This is the name of my dad's German Shepherd. His name was "Copper" when we adopted him, so we changed it slightly, but not enough to confuse the dog.
Jacksons21Pets  11/19/2015
Cooper should not be a first name... Surnames should stay surnames and parents should try to be more unique. But that's my opinion : ))
BennyKenny  12/19/2015
I actually first heard this name from amazing actor Bradley Cooper :) I think that this is the CUTEST name for a little boy and it would age quite well in my opinion.
al84  12/21/2015
I LOVE the name Cooper. My daughter's name is Cooper. We were originally going to name her Chandler, but both fell in love with Cooper ❤️.
BennettMama3  4/12/2016
The name Cooper was unfortunately given to 110 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
Here in the UK, a one-eyed bulldog named Cooper recently won a contest to star in the ITV show Emmerdale. It is a common dog's name, but I have never heard of Cooper as a person's given name, so that would seem strange to me.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2016
My name is Cooper and I've NEVER had a problem with it. You old heads saying it rhymes with "pooper" are frankly childish. Now get on with your lives, would ya?
Cooper Anderson  1/1/2017
My name is Cooper and I am a female. I love my name. Yes, growing up was interesting and I have not always liked my name. As a girl growing up with the name it could get complicated. I would have people make comments like "No, what's your first name?" or "Oh, I thought you would be a boy." It would get frustrating as a kid. Also kids can be cruel. I would be called Cooper the Pooper Scooper! But let's face it. If it hadn't been my name it would have been something else my weight/hair/ clothes.. etc. As I get older I have learned to really accept and love my name. I was named after my grandfather who died before my mom and dad married. I am honored to share a name. I get a lot of comments on my name and how awesome it is. My friends also call me Super Coop or Coop. I know I am the only Cooper around and I know, aside from my outstanding personality, no one will forget my name. I also know a few younger kids with the name Cooper (all boys though). Over all my name makes me feel good. I love being different. I have friends who have common names like Jennifer who hate that their names are common. So if you choose to name your kid Cooper, GREAT! Don't forget to tell them to Rock it, and be proud of it.
supercoop1021  1/9/2017

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