Names Related to Cy

Names that are related to CY:
CIRIL   m   Slovene
CIRILA   f   Slovene
CIRILLO   m   Italian
CIRINO   m   Italian, Spanish
CIRO   m   Italian, Spanish
CY   m   English
CYRIELLE   f   French
CYRIL   m   English, Czech, Slovak, French
CYRILLA   f   English (Rare)
CYRILLE   m & f   French
CYRILLUS   m   Ancient Greek (Latinized)
CYRUS   m   English, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Ancient Greek (Latinized)
CYRYL   m   Polish
KIIRA   f   Finnish
KIR   m   Russian
KIRA (1)   f   Russian
KIRE   m   Macedonian
KIRIL   m   Bulgarian, Macedonian
KIRILL   m   Russian
KIRILS   m   Latvian
KIRO   m   Macedonian
KORESH   m   Biblical Hebrew
KURUSH   m   Ancient Persian
KYRA   f   English
KYRILLOS   m   Ancient Greek
KYRILU   m   Medieval Slavic
KYROS   m   Ancient Greek, Biblical Greek
KYRYLO   m   Ukrainian