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Cyril Wilde (surnamed later changed to 'Holland') was the name of the poet/playwright/wit Oscar Wilde's first son.
Arrows  11/22/2005
'Cyril' is also a Slovak name. [noted -ed]
johanka  12/7/2005
Cyril is the name of one of the boys in the book "Five Children and It" by Edith Nesbit.
― Anonymous User  12/20/2005
Cyril can also be pronounced SYE-rihl. It's much more commonly pronounced that way by Americans.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  1/12/2006
My grandfather's name is Cyril, but he goes by Cy.
kerrilouise  4/14/2006
"Êèðèë" and "Ìåòîäèé" ("Kiril" and "Metodii", names, the English translation of which are "Cyril" and "Methodius") are Bulgarians, who are the creators of the Slavonic alphabet.
iva_toneva  4/22/2006
24th May is the day of St Kiril and St Metodii (St Cyril and St Methodius) - the day of the Slavonic writing and culture.
iva_toneva  5/24/2006
Cyril Kamar, who was born on 31st January 1980, in Beirut, Lebanon, is the singer known as K-Maro. His hits "Femme Like You" (2004) and "Histoires De Luv" (2005) sounds wonderful!
iva_toneva  6/11/2006
Father Cyril Macduff is a totally idiotic character in the hilarious British BBC show "Father Ted".
lunalovegood  12/13/2006
The 9th century linguist was not Greek. As the Greeks had alphabet and he was requested to develop a different alphabet for the illiterate Slavic people, so that they do not accept the religion through a foreign (Greek) language, but in their own language (and at the time, their language was only "mondial").

Cyril was not Greek; his work was opposed by Greeks, the alphabet was not recognised by the Greeks. So he needed to get it veryfied by the highest religious authorities at the time - the Roman Pope :) On the way back to Macedonia, he died. Which is why he is STILL BURIED IN ROME. :)

You're welcome :)
Dache  2/12/2007
St. Cyril the Enlightener of the Slavs was a Greek, who helped create an alphabet for the Slavs. He was not a Slav, and you can look that up in almost any source to confirm it.
Chrysostom  2/21/2007
St. Cyril was a Macedonian, not a Greek and certainly not a Greek missionary to the Slavs! The Greeks opposed his work. He lived in Salonika (a Macedonian town during the 9th century) and that's where the "confusion" comes from.
nade  7/12/2008
That's the name of one of the children in the books 'Five Children and It' and 'Phoenix and the Carpet' by E. Nesbit.
Anna Pevensie  3/13/2007
Name Day: 5th July (in the Czechia).
Cyril´s nicknames: Cyrek, Cyra, Rily. Cyrilko.
Janika  7/12/2007
Cyril Bassington-Bassington is a character in one Jeeves and Wooster episode. I believe he's also in one of the books written by P. G. Wodehouse.
Jackie  7/12/2007
Pronounced "TSEER-il" (shortly).
Maggie_Simpson  1/16/2008
Re: Maggie_Simpson 1/16/2008
That is the Czech pronunciation; except that I would write it TSI-ril, because it's short.
HanaB  11/4/2014
I THOUGHT this name was pronounced SIE-ril in English. I thought everybody pronounced it this way, but it doesn't seem to be like that. I don't like the pronunciation "SEER-il", sounds pretty odd and I would never think of this pronunciation when seeing the spelling of Cyril, ever.
LoQuiero  7/12/2008
The name Cyril is also frequently used in the Netherlands.
Lucille  7/13/2008
Cyril Bouda, painter and illustrator
Cyril Cusack, actor
Cyril Fagan, astronomer, astrologer and historian
Cyril Höschl, psychiatrist
Cyril Metoděj Hrazdira, musician
Cyril Northcote Parkinson, soldier, historian and author
Cyril Suk, tennis player
Cyril Svoboda, politician
Emilie007  11/4/2008
Saints Cyril and Methodius (Greek: Êýñéëëïò êáé Ìåèüäéïò) were two Byzantine Greek brothers born in Thessaloniki in the 9th century, who became missionaries of Christianity among the Slavs of Great Moravia and Pannonia. Through their work they influenced the cultural development of all Slavic peoples for which they received the title "Apostles to the Slavs." They are credited with devising the Glagolitic alphabet, the first alphabet used to transcribe the Old Church Slavonic language. The Cyrillic alphabet, which was based on the Glagolitic alphabet, is used in a number of Slavic and other languages. After their death, their pupils continued their missionary work among other Slavic peoples. Both brothers are venerated in the Eastern Orthodox Church as saints with the title of "Equals to the Apostles." In 1880, Pope Leo XIII introduced their feast into the calendar of the Roman Catholic Church. In 1980, Pope John Paul II declared them Co-patrons of Europe, together with Saint Benedict of Nursia.
E.K.  11/24/2008
In my mind, it's always been pronounced "Sih-ril" with a soft "i" sound. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say it, though. I like it a lot, especially pronounced "Seer-il".
MoonAgeDaydreamer  12/19/2008
Whenever I try to say this name, it sounds sort of like cereal. But Cyril's an okay name.
-Julia-  8/20/2009
This name is NOT traditionally pronounced SEER-əl, but SIR-əl (with a short "I"). The latter has my preference.
JJSkeete  7/29/2010
I do enjoy this name quite a bit... but the uncanny relation between the pronunciation (seer-el) and "Cereal" is too much. No child should be named after a breakfast food. End of story.
Perhaps in the name's native language (Czech, Slovak, French), but definitely no English speaking country. Not to mention that, just like the name Allegra, I foresee that Cyril will be ruined by some illness fighting medicine sooner rather than later.
Francesca  12/3/2010
The i in the name Cyril is short, so it sounds like nothing of the likes of Cereal. Of course, people think they can crtique names by pulling stuff from their but, but I like this actually.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2011
I went to school with a Cyril. He was older than me, and his little cousin who was in my class couldn't pronounce his name right (she had a lisp), and called him "Cereal." X)
Rin_0911  4/28/2012
All wrong. The correct pronunciation in English is SIHR-uhl.
Rassilon  4/30/2014
Cyril is an anglicized form of the Greek name 'Kyrillos'. The name in its Greek original was derived for common usage, from the word 'Kurios'. It was 'Kurios' that was used in the Greek Septugaint to translate the Hebrew word 'Adonai', which is the biblical title of 'my Lord', or 'Lord', given to YHWH, the God of Israel. This was done, since YHWH, was only written in Hebrew as a four letter tetragammation, and never spoken by observant Jews, whether they were Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek speaking. So, in its original texts, Kurios was used for the words God or Lord, by the writers of the New Testament. Kyrillos, in Greek (from which we get the Russian/Slavic Kirill) was used by the Byzantines and in the mediterranean. In the other ancient litugical languages of the Christian Church, it was translated as Coorilose or Kurilose in Syriac (Christianized Aramaic), and Cyrillus (from whence comes Cyril in English and Cyrille in French) in Latin. [noted -ed]
Rassilon  4/30/2014
Cyril is a name inextricably linked to the history and development of Christianity, particularly the oldest and Catholic forms of Christianity. While it has found some use in the Roman Catholic West and among Anglicans, it retains far more significance among the Orthodox, both Eastern and Oriental, as well as Eastern Catholics. The most popularly known user of the name Cyril, is the St. Cyril who lived in the 9th Century, who with his brother Methodius, is honored as Apostle to the Slavs, and after whom the Cyrillic alphabet was named. But, the first well known Cyril, was the 4th Century St. Cyril who was Patriarch of Jerusalem and a famed theologian and champion of the orthodox faith of the undivided Catholic Church. However, the greatest of all those bearing the name Cyril was the fifth century Patriarch and Pope of Alexandria, St. Cyril of Alexandria who is equally honored and respected by all Christian Churches that call themselves Catholic, whether Roman, Eastern or Oriental. In fact, his leadership and contribution to the Christian Church and the development of Chrisian theology were important enough that he was not only declared a Doctor (Roman Catholicism) or Father (Orthodoxy) of the Church, but titled as 'Pillar of the Faith' and 'Seal of the Fathers'. More recently, leaders of Eastern Christianity have continued to use the name. These include the include Cyril VI, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus.
Rassilon  4/30/2014
Czech and Slovak pronunciation is "tsi:reel".
Samantha Carter  10/27/2015
Cyril Sneer of the 1980s animated television series, 'The Raccoons'.
Feorsteorra  2/1/2016
The name Cyril was given to 42 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/20/2016
I've always pronounced my name like "cereal" leaving the "ea" sound out. My mother says it the same as well as my aunt on my father's side. I am the forth one in the family with the same first and last name but the first had a different middle name. It is interesting to learn where the name comes from.
SubieCyril  6/20/2016
This name always puts me in mind of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Cyril is the first town you visit in that game. I always thought the developers made it up until I actually met someone named Cyril. Unfortunately, he must not have liked it, because everyone called him by his middle name instead. I like it, though. It's different without being too "out there". Plus, if you're a gamer, it's got a fun connection to Final Fantasy.
jbr1234  8/2/2016
Cyril Niccolai is a French singer/songwriter, performing in musicals like Romeo et Juliette and Notre-Dame de Paris, as well as fronting band The Fairchilds.
Silverstarswept  2/25/2017
Cyril Takayama is an American magician of Japanese, French, and Moroccan descent. He is perhaps best known for his magic performances around Japan. Cyril Takayama was born and raised in Hollywood, California. His father is a Japanese from Okinawa prefecture in Japan, while his mother is French of Moroccan descent, both of whom were beauticians. Cyril Takayama had an eventful yet troubled upbringing. A recent profile in Magic describes him being expelled from school at 15 and then dropping out of school at the age of 16. Cyril's father, upset at his behavioral problems, sent him to Japan. While traveling he got off the plane during a stopover in Tokyo and never got back on. Cyril wound up busking on the streets of Shinjuku, and at times had so little money that he could afford just one meal a day. He attempted to contact Japanese magic circles though they viewed him as an outsider. At the age of 17, Cyril met a rich Japanese businessman who saw his talent and employed him to work in his hotel paying him for each short range performance 4 to 5 days a week. For two years Cyril performed as a magician for weddings and parties. Within 2 months Cyril created his own stage magic show. Ito, impressed at Cyril's progress, sent Cyril to magic assemblies and competitions. In 1991, Cyril's dedication began to pay off. He was awarded a top prize by magic's international governing body, the International Federation of Magic Societies, as well in 1994. In 1992, he joined the International Brotherhood of Magicians. In 2001, he and his partner Jane won the Golden Lion Award at Siegfried and Roy’s World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. He is a member of the short-lived television series T.H.E.M. In 2007 he won first place in The Magic Woods Awards, Best Magician Category.
cutenose  6/20/2017
There is a theory that the name actually derives from the Persian name Cyrus (
Eir  8/18/2017

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