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Colslaw anyone?
kolbusteb  3/10/2005
Czelsaw Milosz is a Lithuanian poet who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1980.
memomo  2/16/2006
Czeslaw Milosz was a POLISH poet since he wrote in Polish, and Lithuanian since he was born and brought up in Lithuania; so it will be just to say he was the last Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth citizen.
prakash  5/16/2008
The closest that I'm able to write Czes³aw's pronunciation is Ches-swav. It's a bit tricky writing out how the cz is pronounced. [noted -ed]
ADT  6/19/2006
Czeslaw Slania (1921-2005), the most prominent engraver of stamps and banknotes of the second half of the 20th century. Royal Court Engraver of Sweden, he produced over 1000 fine stamps for Sweden and 28 other countries, and elements of banknote designs e.g the portraits on the $5 and $20 Canadian banknotes of the 2001 series.
arwel  8/20/2006
Czesław Niemen (real name Czesław Juliusz Wydrzycki) (February 16, 1939 - January 17, 2004) was a famous Polish rock musician, most famous for his 1967 song 'Dziwny jest ten świat'. (Which is totally wonderful.)
― Anonymous User  11/2/2007
Czeslaw Meyer, a young, immortal child in the Anime/Manga series, Baccano.
― Anonymous User  1/9/2010
Časlav is the Serbian and Croatian form of this name.
goricar  7/29/2010
Is this name etymologically related to the word "Czech" as in the "Czech Republic?
angolmois  7/6/2011
"Czes" is a possible nickname.
Rin_0911  5/14/2012
I can't believe that there's no Czech equivalent of this name, given that it strongly resembles the Czech "Češ" and "slaw" being the universal Slavic name addition.
angolmois  8/5/2016

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