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Dafydd is pronounced Dav-ith. (Strong TH.)
― Anonymous User  5/11/2005
Saint Dafydd or David is considered the patron saint of Wales. His feast day, March 1st, is celebrated with displays of Welsh nationalism.
earthtomeryl  8/2/2005
Daffyd Thomas is a fictional character from the cult BBC TV and Radio Show Little Britain played by Matt Lucas. His catchphrase is "I'm the only gay in the village". (He isn't.) Daffyd (whose first name is a misspelling of the real Welsh Christian name Dafydd) has caused some controversy, both over the portrayal of homosexuals and of Welsh people. However, Lucas has stated that the character is based on his experiences coming out as gay.
― Anonymous User  12/23/2005
There is a Canadian astronaut whose name is Dafydd Williams. He has been up in space once, with six Americans.
bobcat_explorer  4/29/2007
Dafydd ap Gruffydd, the brother of Llywelyn the Last and grandson of Llywelyn the Great, was a 13th-century Prince of Wales. He was the first person of note to have been executed for high treason and drawn, hanged, and quartered, which is the same execution the better-known William Wallace received about 20 years later.
penguiny7  1/23/2012

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