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Though Norse in origin, some derive Dagmar from Germanic dag maru meaning "famous day". In Polish and Slovene it is Dagmara.
-- alberto  12/4/2004
Also used in English and Czech.
-- alberto  12/4/2004
Also used in Dutch.
-- GLynElisabeth  3/19/2005
This was the name of the Danish princess, the wife of Alexander III, a Russian emperor. She is more known as Maria Fedorovna.
-- Catra  3/20/2005
Dagmar (Maria Fyodorovna) is also the mother of Nikolai II, the last Russian emperor.
-- Catra  3/21/2005
My mother's name is "Dagmar" and she does not credit her name at all, unfortunately. It comes from the Germanic words "dag" = "day" and "mar" ("mor"?) = "big, great", so "Dagmar" would be "great day".
-- Paganqueen  7/16/2005
In the book Generation X the author has a boy named this! Pronounced DAGG-mar.
-- Anonymous User  12/16/2005
I quite like this name, very regal!
-- Anonymous User  11/28/2006
Dagmar´s pet forms are Dáša ("Dasha"), Didi ("Deedee"), Digi, Dagie, Dagmarka.
-- Maggie_Simpson  2/22/2007
It´s also the Slovak, Polish, Serbian and Czech form.
-- Ronja  6/26/2007
To the comment above; not Serbian :) Serbs don't do Germanic names.
-- Anonymous user  10/6/2012
Dagmar Bertino is the mail carrier in the video game "The Sims 2".
-- BSR  7/14/2007
This name immediately makes me think of the blonde mail carrier in the Sims 2. I'm not sure how I feel about the name itself. On one hand, I think it's a little odd sounding (and frankly kind of ugly), on the other hand, it's got a spunkiness to it.
-- NiamhWitch  12/16/2007
Dagmar Adámková jr and sr. are fictional characters from the movie "S tebou mě baví svět". They are played by Eliška Balzerová and Zuzana Gutheisová.
-- Maggie_Simpson  12/23/2007
Listen to the German pronunciation of Dagmar here:
-- _satu_  1/17/2008
Pronounced DAG-mahr.
-- Anonymous User  1/19/2008
Dagmara is a Polish variant.
-- Anonymous User  7/21/2008
Actress Dagmar Čárová is the Czech voice of Sandra Bullock and Jodie Foster.
-- Emilie007  8/19/2008
Dagmar Edwards, actress, born 16th November 1966 in Bruntál.
-- Emilie007  9/6/2008
I like the sound of this name, but it does seem a bit rough on a girl.
-- number1212  11/8/2008
God, no matter what anyone says, I can never see this name on a girl. It's so awful, even if it were a guy name.
-- MtotheK  6/5/2009
Pronounced DAHK-mahr in German. [noted -ed]
-- mafiosa  8/6/2009
Pronounced DAHG-mahr in Czech and Slovak.
-- MaggieSimpson  12/25/2009
In Denmark it's pronounced more like 'dahl-mahr' much more feminine and regal then 'dag-mar' I think. :)
-- Anonymous User  1/14/2010
In Denmark it's pronounced DOW-mar (like how). I like it!
-- Katrine  2/24/2010
Damar is actually considered a male name in Norway.
-- gildedmuse  1/28/2010
Dagmar is not considered a male name in Norway.
According to the Statistics Norway (SSB), as of April 2012 there are 783 women called Dagmar in Norway; no men.
-- Silje  4/12/2012
Though I can see why this name would turn many people off, I find it strangely romantic. Don't know if I'd ever name my daughter Dagmar, but I can clearly picture it for a strong, courageous (and beautiful) heroine in an epic novel. It's unique yet classic.
-- Hannah_E  5/9/2010
The youngest child in the play "I Remember Mama" is named Dagmar. It is a play about a family of Norwegian immigrants. In 9th grade, I had that role in the school play because I was petite with long blond hair. (I'm still petite, but the hair is shorter.)
-- Anonymous User  1/9/2012
Cyclone Patrick, which hit Norway on the 25th of December 2011, was named Dagmar by the Norwegian Weather Service.
-- Silje  4/12/2012
Dagmar (1890-1961) was the youngest daughter of King Frederik VIII of Denmark and his wife Louise.
-- CarolinW  6/12/2012
This is also the name of a very famous actress who was popular in the late 60's. My biological father wanted to name me Dagmar... naming an Irish-German-Italian-Bohemian child with black hair and brown eyes a Scandinavian name?
-- roxanne916  8/4/2012
This name is used in Iceland. [noted -ed]
-- Anonymous User  6/14/2013
Yes, this name is beautiful and romantic, but I won't name my child this, cause these comments are showing how divisive this name is.
-- heidbz  5/20/2015

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