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I named my daughter Danette and I love her name. I didn't plan on naming her Danette but a week before she was born I came accross her name in a very small baby name book and in that baby book it stated that her name was Hebrew and it meant "God is my judge"! I have misplaced the baby book since then but I wrote it down in her own baby book so I well remember that is what it said.
seasideharbour  1/15/2008
I am a 40 year old "Danette" and have hated it all my life! Gives you NO confidence. When you're young you're made fun of because of it. Then when you get older all you hear is, That's strange, what is it again? Can you spell it? Where did your parents come up with that! And everyone you just meet calls you Jeannette. Think twice before naming your daughter Danette. Or any other unusual name.
― Anonymous User  12/31/2008
Danette was one of my friends' names, she went by Danee.
Missy125  7/30/2011
I like this name, but as previously commented it is easily confused with "Jeanette;" at least half of my coworker Danette's mail was addressed to "Jeanette."
Susyhome  8/4/2015
Not the best name. I would think it could be a feminine form of Dane which could be a variant of Dean or an actual Danish person, so if you are a female "Dane", it might work.
Kidwins9  1/9/2016
I was supposed to be a boy, but when I entered the world my mom and dad did not have a female name so I was named after my doctor's mother, who in fact was of French origin. I did not like my name, but as I've become older I receive lots of complements on my name. I like it and I think Danette is a very pretty name.
dgouras  3/7/2016
It's pronounced just like DANET, which is a brand of yoghurts here in Spain. So the name is kinda funny for me.
Javiblue96  1/16/2017
My name is Danette. I am very proud of it. As a child very few, if any other students in my school had my name.
Danette64  1/17/2018

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