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Dani California, as well as being the title of a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, is also a recurring character in their songs 'By The Way' and 'Californication'. Anthony Kiedis has said she represents every girl he's ever met.
-- reservoirdoll1987  4/25/2006
Dani is also the pet form of Dániel, and is strictly masculine in Hungary. [noted -ed]
-- Narinoc  5/20/2006
I think this spelling is very cute for a girl, but not for a boy. "Danny" would be better for a boy.
-- chihuahualover168  6/1/2006
My name is Amanda and I have recently really taken to the nickname 'Dani' in addition to the monotonous 'Mandy'.
-- Anonymous User  6/13/2006
Dhani is the name of George Harrison's son.
-- trayc53  7/4/2006
This is the name of Danny Phantom's clone on the television series of the same name. She's a bit of a controversial character in the "Danny Phantom" fandom.
-- patchworkgirl  7/31/2006
Dani Lynn Hope is what Anna Nicole Smith named her new daughter.
-- Anonymous User  10/3/2006
Anna Nicole Smith's daughter was actually Dannielyn Smith, not Dani Lynne.
-- DontDissMadison  5/1/2007
My name is Dani and I think it's a great name since I haven't met many other Dani's.
-- JellyBee  12/16/2006
I absolutely love this name for a girl. It is different and quirky, but it's not contrived. Perfect.
-- Anonymous User  1/2/2007
Connie Neilson played Detective Dani Beck for six episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit while Mariska Hargitay was on materinty leave. See:
-- Anonymous User  1/28/2007
As a short form of Daniel I would spell it "Danny". As a short form of Danielle/Daniella I would spell it "Dani".
-- CharlieRob  5/7/2007
Dani is the name of country-singer Alan Jackson and his wife Denise Jackson's youngest daughter.
-- Patricia Underwood  2/16/2008
I love this name. Not just because it's mine but because it's unique and different. The only problem is people misspell my name a lot.
-- DaniRose  3/28/2008
Dani is a really cool and sexy name for a girl, though it seems like it would be prone to misspellings.
-- D.Scott  2/2/2009
Dani, played by Thora Birch, is the name of Max's little sister in the movie Hocus Pocus.
-- KrisMichelle  3/26/2009
Dani is a character on HOCUS! POCUS! and some singer's title of a song is Dani California. Maybe it is the name of the band. I'm not sure.
-- Anonymous User  5/15/2009
Danielle "Dani" Evans ANTM winner Cycle 6.
-- mattaliano  1/14/2010
As an actual name, I don't like it very much. It's better as a nickname for Danielle, but it still sounds sort of trashy to me. I've met quite a few Dani's, and I believe that this name will get quite popular in the future with people trying to sound trendy.
-- Anonymous User  8/1/2010
My mother (in her later 50s) is called Dani. Her real name is Diane, but she was always a tomboy so the nickname just came naturally. I love the nickname, I think it's spunky and earthy, just like my mom! :)
-- Book_Reader22  2/3/2011
One of my friends was Danee it was short for Danette.
-- Missy125  7/30/2011
The name Dani was given to 230 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/16/2013

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