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I love this name! And I accidentally clicked on the ratings because no one had commented on this name. :D
Sneasel  5/27/2007
I knew a girl whose last name was Demeter. She pronounced it DEM-I-TER.
Brianna Angela  5/27/2007
This is good sounding name, but it has something I can't put my finger on. It sounds the tiniest bit masculine, but it's great.
dreamgirl54  11/9/2007
It sounds nice, but I wouldn't name my kid this.
livieluvbug  12/5/2007
Weren't these evil things from Harry Potter? No idea.
Aureliano  3/1/2010
I think you mean DEMENTORS Aureliano. ;)

I think Demeter is an interesting name, although I wouldn't use it myself. Too mythological in my opinion. I just can't picture it on a human.

The goddess Demeter was worshiped in Eleusis which is where Hades kidnapped Persephone (who, at that time was called Kore) - and you can still see the hole he went through. ;)
Katrine  5/27/2010
As I always say: certain names are too ethnic (in this case, mythologic) to be used on a person who has no heritage in that background (.. or used in reality, period). "Demeter" is incredibly closely associated with its mythological ties that I believe it is unusable-- at least in most countries. That unfortunately stands true for most names of relation to lore... Zeus, Aphrodite, Triton, Kronos, Poseidon, and so on and so forth.

If it were to be used, I for one would find it quite unprofessional, pretentious, and a bit childish. Perhaps if you held a Greek surname to pair you may get away with it... otherwise, this best be left to the books.
"Demi" could be a childhood nickname.

We have already concluded that "Demeter" resembles "Dementor" (of the Harry Potter world)-- I must add one more, "Demeanor"... which is three letters shy of "Misdemeanor" (a criminal offense defined as less serious than a felony; an instance of misbehavior; a misdeed.)
Francesca  5/27/2011
●Diemietra is Belarusian
●Demetra is Esperanto, Macedonian, Russian, and Ukrainian
●Dimitri is Georgian
●Dímitra is Modern Greek.
― Anonymous User  5/4/2014
Demeter actually means "grain mother" not "earth mother".
― Anonymous User  11/8/2014
It also is the name of a cat in 'Cats'.
Perry  8/8/2015
Sounds like a BOY name… Demetra or Demetria are girls but Demeter… very much masculine.
skymoon  10/2/2015
I think it's funny and interesting that what was once a woman's name now exists primarily in masculine forms.
Karen Middleton  5/27/2016
Definitely for girls.
Eileen1209864  6/26/2016
Demeter is a main character in the musical 'Cats'. She is portrayed as being black and gold with tabby markings. Along with the red cat Bombalurina, Demeter sings the song 'Macavity' and takes part in many other numbers.
TiffanyMcSparkles  7/30/2016
Demeter literally means mother-earth.

Dee-ma-ter/ deem-it-er

It is highly likely that it is phonetically and semantically linked to The Sumero-Babylonian deity 'Tiamat', of which the conceptual meaning is:

'The original body/vessel in which the salty waters were mixed and life was begat.'

Meaning mother.

The Cuneiform for Tiamat is a combination of phonetic and logogramic symbols representing words such as 'female', 'mountain/land' and 'to live', while containing the phonetic and semantic meanings MA (earth), AMA(t) (mother). Tiamat has also been linked to the word tâmtu meaning sea, but could also be linked to the proto semetic word ʾaḫwat- meaning sister.

The word Tiamat could also be linked to the Egyptian Goddess (Ma'at) as well as the PIE word for 'mother' both phonetically and semantically from which the words ‘Matter/material’literally originates, meaning substance/origin/source. From Mater/materia and possibly from demateria PIE *dem-/dom-, (used in House, Latin domus) as place of origin. Demateria not only throws up mother, but also terra, land, from PIE root * ters-, to dry. Giving rise to names such as Demeter, Demetrios, Dimitry, the name meaning mother earth. In the Arabic name Dimah, Dima/(دِيمة) means rain without thunder or lightning’ or (water of heaven or water (MU) of origin (DI). Other Arabic names that may share a similar origin include Damaa (river, sea or ocean) Dawmat/Dawmah (Turkish/Arabic) which is suggested to refer to the palm tree (Doum) native to Egypt (No found meaning for Dawmat/Dawmah/Doum, considering the uses of the Doum Palm and its current and historical importance in the area providing material, fibres, and fruit and, it could potentially mean, 'mother tree' or 'the tree of providence'.
I3R0K3N7FEET  1/11/2017
I love it on a girl, and the goddess as well. She was very powerful and important. When she was sad because Persephone (another name I love), was gone she hurt the earth. She is a pretty cool goddess and I would name my twin daughters Persephone and Demeter if I had twins.
XironDarkstar  12/3/2017

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