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I think names like Deshawn and Keshawn are cute, but most suited for black people. I can’t seem to picture these type of hardcore fun sounding names on any other race. Not trying to be racist. Just my personal impression!
― Anonymous User  12/31/2018
The Shawn?
kayisforkeen  10/24/2018
So people are implying that since it is a stereotypical black name, or as you like to conceal it, 'ghetto' name, it's bad? Funny how no one says stereotypical white names are bad solely because they are stereo-typically white. Stop associating trashy and ghetto with black, when we all know there are tonnes of 'Emma's' and 'Caitlin's' selling meth at their trailer park to make ends meet.
futuremother99  9/6/2018
My name is DeShawn. I'm Caucasian, American born & raised & I'm female, cute as can be, my parents adopted me at 18mos old & "created" my name,... so she/we thought 'til the 90'sish. Nowadays I see and hear DeShawn EVERYWHERE & I love my name & people's expressions and words when they call me and discover I'm a white female and they were expecting a black guy, frickin' hilarious. I'm proud of my name. I see it in a more feminine way over masculine, probably because I am a girl but very tomboy-ish.
Dejacobs  5/1/2017
Shawn is alright, but Deshawn sounds Ghetto.
Luvbug86  10/18/2016
Come'on we're all thinking the same thing: Sterotypical black name. What's wrong with Shawn\Shaun\Sean? Why must we slap a prefix in front of an already existing name?

And also the that fact some people would write it out as DeShawn instead of Deshawn? Surnames can get away with that, but as a first\middle, it just screams ghetto (and pretentiousness). True that this name isn't the absolute worst, but that doesn't make it brilliant.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2016
This is a low class, trashy name. Don't name your kids this or anything that has De tacked onto a perfectly good name.
― Anonymous User  12/27/2015
I love the name DeShawn. In fact, this is my name. I am an African-American female. I am not impoverished. I do not sell drugs and I have no gang affiliations. I am however, a business woman that holds an MBA degree. I work hard and I am proud of my family. The fact that so many people spoke so unfavorably about this name, including other African-Americans shows how much of a problem race still is in this country. Have pride in yourself and your race. To speak public about name that is used by a particular race without knowing the true meaning or interpretation is in my opinion depraved. The name DeShawn means- To be like God. How can one who has been named to personify God be nothing less than beautiful- inside and out.
Dwiggins404  9/19/2015
The fact that there is a lot of contempt towards the name DeShawn is interesting to me. Not only is DeShawn my name, but I actually love my name and fully embrace the unique ethnicity that comes along with being called such. For me, the name is a distinction given to me by my mother who in my opinion not only wanted to distinguish me from others but took pride in giving me a certain type of prefix in front of my name that when called, there was a phonetic flavor that was often times different when among others but a collective appreciation when assembled among others in my community. Speaking from someone who is a Doctoral candidate and works in the helping profession, these discussions of what is urban, ghetto and unmentionably black is more times divisive in conversation than not; after all these words only have meaning to the attitudes and judgement that we give them.
DeShawn  9/8/2015
I don't like this name either, but I hate how all of you are describing it. Stop using words like "urban" and "ghetto" to cover up what you really mean: black. You're ignorant if you think this name can only be used on black people. Like someone said, this name is heavily popular in basketball. Also, even if only black people used it, is something wrong with that? I just looked up the name 'Ireland' (which I personally think is ridiculous) and everyone was praising it. I assume it's because they're Irish and they associate Ireland with great things. It's fantastic that the Irish community can coalesce over a name like that. But how come whenever there's a name that's "stereotypically black" (ex: Deshawn), it's a trashy and disgusting thing?
― Anonymous User  5/10/2015
I hate this name. It's ridiculous and ghetto. I'm black and NONE of my relatives have these ghetto names that non-black people don't use. They're ridiculous and don't give any hopes in the kid being successful in anything besides hip-hop.
Bonquiqui  6/2/2012
Horrific and unacceptable in my opinion. Why not just name your son Shawn/Sean? Why does it have to be an invented name?
IrishKisses  9/15/2010
You all are so funny! Ok, while it may be urban I wouldn't say it sounds like a name for a drug dealer.
Honeyrose  12/25/2007
Actually, the first people with this name who come up on Google are professional basketball players, so perhaps all the new little Deshawns are named after them. I hate the prefix, though, it looks silly to me.
Pie  10/22/2007
O, come on people, the name isn't that bad.
victoire  7/3/2007
This makes me think of a bug spray to get rid of Shawns. The anti-Shawn. :)
WritersEye  6/19/2007
It sounds like a verb, like "to de-shawn something". Ick! The "De" at the beginning don't really make sense. I think I'll stick with "Shawn", thank you.
scarletquillraven  3/23/2007
It smacks of poverty; it reminds me of a poor, black high school dropout selling drugs to make ends meet (no offence to anyone of African descent). Do not use this horrid name.
― Anonymous User  1/19/2007

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