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Means Gift of God or Given by God. The name Dieudonne strikes me as a name for an intelligent person. Can't really be shortened to anything. I know someone called this who whenever he gets in trouble he says that he's god's gift. Anyway, I like this name.
Luangi  12/4/2006
Louis-Dieudonne was the given name of King Louis XIV of France. Contemporaries regarded him as a divine gift and his birth as a miracle so in a show of gratitude to God for the long-awaited arrival of an heir, he was aptly named Louis-Dieudonné ("God-given") by his parents.
ebstarz7  4/12/2008
This name is the French form of Deodatus, and thus also a variant form of the French name Déodat. Both Deodatus en Déodat are mentioned in the main database of Behind the Name.
Lucille  7/5/2008
Dieudonné M'bala M'bala is a French comedian and actor known for having strong right-wing, anti-Semitic views. He's definitely ruined the name over here.
Acajou  9/18/2016

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