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Ew, this one is too blatantly a lazily constructed feminine form of a masculine name that just doesn't sound right.
slight night shiver  4/21/2008
Yuck. This name is even uglier than Donaldina.
bananarama  10/9/2009
It's "Donald" with an A at the end. Gross.
S-Genesis  1/7/2017
This name is also in use in Lithuania, where it is the feminine form of Donaldas, the Lithuanian form of Donald.

- (in German)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (lists only bearers living in Lithuania).
Lucille  4/16/2017
Heard this name and was like - yuck.
Prime Meridian  4/30/2018

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