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The spelling Donivan is a related name.
-- themark  9/25/2005
Donovan Bailey is a track runner who won several Olympic medals.
-- memomo  2/16/2006
I love the name Donovan. It has a catchy sound to it, like Flanagan and Sullivan, 2 other Irish names.
-- Anonymous User  7/18/2006
American football's Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback Donovan McNab is another who bears this name.
-- Missy  1/5/2007
I love the name Donovan. I think of it as being a name for someone who is very hip and stylish but not frou frou. What I mean is that it is very boyish and strong without sounding like a meathead's name. I would jump to use it if I was not afraid that people would just call him Donny, yuck.
-- Ursa_Minor  2/17/2007
Donovan is the last name of Clyde Donovan, one of the children in South Park.
-- Rockos_Modern_Life_1  4/8/2007
Actress Charisma Carpenter and her husband Damian Hardy have a son Donovan, at 9:50 PM on 24th March 2003 at Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.
-- Karcoolka  5/17/2007
This name always produces good feelings when I hear it on someone, it's so refreshing instead of Michael or John or William.
-- spaz123  9/9/2007
I have a book of names that says it means "Dark Warrior".
-- Haylo  11/15/2007
I really like this name, I find it to be kinda romantic.
-- Renthead13  11/17/2007
I bore this name as a surname for 25 years and my kids still have it as theirs. We think it's a cool name, too. The few issues we have had have been that people tend to want to pronounce it, dah-nah-ven, when in reality, it's, duh-nuh-vin, and they tend to misspell it A LOT -- Dunovan being the most popular. My ex-husband and his family are reeeeal firm about the pronunciation though, just so you know!
-- leananshae  12/10/2007
Donovan Leitch, simply known as Donovan, is a Scottish singer, songwriter, and guitarist. And a very good one too! You might know him if you lived in the '60s and '70s (or you just like music from that era, like me.)
-- Cinnamonster  2/16/2008
This is the ONLY Irish name that I like. I like how it can fit any type of personality or nationality.
-- jasmineenimsaj  3/24/2008
Why is it from Ó Donnabhain? Shouldn't they just say it's from Donnabhain?

Great name, though. Very masculine and cool. And it is certainly NOT the only Irish name that is so.
-- Anonymous User  4/5/2008
It's actually a cool name, but I don't like the nicknames Don and Donnie.
-- slight night shiver  4/21/2008
Can also be used for a girl. I've met a few girls with this name.
-- Nisha  5/11/2008
This is my husband's name. He pronounces it "Don-a-vin", and I've never heard it pronounced "Dun-uh-vin" like an above person says.

As for nicknames, nobody calls him "Donny", but his family endearingly calls him "Donno".
-- Anonymous User  10/6/2008
There should be an accent on the surname version: Ó Donnabháin. I've never met an Irish-speaker with this first name, but if I did, I would expect it to be spelled Donnabhán in that case, as Donnabháin is the genitive, 'of Donovan'.
-- embryomystic  9/21/2009
I like the name Donovan and I disagree with one of the comments, I think it's a nice boy name that doesn't sound to macho. I also like that it's Irish since I'm partly Irish but I am not fond of the meaning because I don't know who is Donndubhán, I don't know if I am a descendant and "descendant of dark brown"? The meaning doesn't mean much to me.
-- Milena Scialfa  12/31/2009
I don't know why, but I'm a big guy-names-on-girls fan, but this name will fit anyone. I can imagine a 7th grader like Donovan going for his first job, and the manager saying "Wow, that's a really cool name!"
-- writer371  5/25/2011
Awesome name! So hot and masculine. I... love this name.
-- ThatMazerunnerfan  9/6/2014
Besides the fact it's the name of one of my favorite musicians, Don would be a cool nickname.
-- TheAnonimy  1/30/2016

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