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In Polish Dorota is pronounced dohr-UH-tah.
-- ADT  6/19/2006
Dorota is also the Slovak form. [noted -ed]
Nicknames: Dora, Dorka, Dorina, Dorla, Dorit.
-- Janika  7/12/2007
Nicknames? Dora, Doreen, Dorika, Dorinda, Dorina, Dorita, Dotty.
Famous bearers:
Dorota Máchalová is character from fairy-tale "S čerty nejsou žerty". She played by Jaroslava Krettschmerová.
Director Dorota Kedzierzawska, 1 June 1957, Lódz, Poland.
Actress Izabella Dorota Scorupco, 4 June 1970, Bialystok, Poland.
Actress Dorota Kaminska, 7 June 1955, Warszawa, Poland.
Actress Dorota Pomykala, 3 July 1956, Swierklaniec, Poland.
Actress Dorota Stalinska, 1 June 1953, Gdańsk, Poland.
Actress Dorota Segda, 12 February 1966, Kraków, Poland.
Actress Dorota Landowska, 4 July 1968, Starogard Gdański, Poland.
Actress Dorota Nvotová, 27 October 1982, Povážská Bystrica, Czechoslovakia.
Actress Dorota Chotecka, 15 March 1966, Radom, Poland.
Actress Dorota Kwiatkowska, 15 September 1957, Warszawa, Poland.
-- Maggie_Simpson  11/6/2007
Dorota is the name of Blair Waldorf's maid on the hit show Gossip Girl, she is played by actress Zuzanna Szadkowski.
-- Anonymous User  1/11/2009
Dorota Krzysztofek is a Polish glamour model from Szczecin modeling for men's magazines such as CKM. She is known for winning a court battle in 2008–2009 that reasserted a woman's right to sunbathe topless on public beaches in Poland.
-- cutenose  1/17/2017
Dorota is also in use in Lithuania (a neighbouring country of Poland), where the name has several variants, such as: Darata, Dorata, Doreta, Dorotė and Doroti.

- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (lists only bearers living in Lithuania).
-- Lucille  4/2/2017

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