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Listen to the German pronunciation of Dorotea here:
-- _satu_  9/3/2006
There is a male form, Doroteo, and Pancho Villa had it before he changed his name to Pancho Villa. I don't think that would work very well though!
-- Anonymous User  4/10/2008
Queen Fredrika Dorotea Vilhelmina of Baden (English: Frederica Dorothea Wilhelmina) was Queen consort of Sweden from 1797 to 1809.
-- Beautiful Victory  5/2/2009
Wow, what a great name! I much prefer it to Dorothy, I think Dorotea is just so spunky, yet old world classy. While I'm not a fan of Dorothea, I would definitely consider Dorotea for a future daughter.
-- blue_belle  12/21/2009
Dorotea is the Italian (and Spanish) form of Latin Dorothea, known to mean "Gift of God." Also the Scandinavian form of Latin Dorothea, meaning, as well, "Gift of God".
-- Francesca  12/1/2010
Also used in Croatia. [noted -ed]
-- Sofia  12/26/2010
Nicknames include Dottie, Teddy, and Tea (TAY-ah).
-- Anonymous User  6/20/2013
As someone who has the name Dorotea, I may say that it is truly a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning, however Dorotea is a Greek name meaning 'gift of god' and in English often mispronounced- people pronounce it as Dorothy which is kind of annoying but the name is rare to find so I don't mind.
-- Anonymous User  7/10/2017

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