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A famous bearer of this name was Douglas Adams, the author of all the books in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series along with many others.
-- Ember  8/8/2005
-- Anonymous User  3/11/2006
The first President of Ireland was Sir Douglas Hyde.
-- rosco kid  4/29/2006
Douglas is the capital of the Isle of Man.
-- Anonymous User  9/18/2006
I have heard that Douglas was originally a feminine name of Scottish origin, and that it became masculine sometime before the middle ages.
-- Anonymous User  11/3/2006
David Douglas was a 19th century Scottish botanist who named many plants of the pacific northwest of the USA.
-- earthnut  1/17/2007
I have always found this name to be overwhelmingly dorky.
-- Anonymous User  3/3/2007
Gross. I hate the way this name sounds.
-- Anonymous User  3/3/2007
If you do not like a name, you don't have to totally trash the name. Why take the time to comment if you find the name so repugnant anyway?

Besides, the meaning is pretty cool. I'd name my son Douglas over Jayden, Aiden, or any fad name.
-- Anonymous User  3/3/2007
I know several people who pronounce this DUG-liss.
-- YMPvt  4/7/2007
I like this name quite a bit. I see other people call it boring, well, it is nothing of the sort, it's way better to be a Douglas in the world of Jacobs and Nicks! If anything, those names are boring, not Douglas! So if you like Douglas, go ahead and use it!
-- spaz123  8/27/2007
The birth of the world's first test tube quintuplets is recorded in London, England. Alan, Brett, Connor, Douglas and Edward are the names chosen by parents Linda and Bruce Jacobssen.
-- Patricia Underwood  5/28/2008
Douglas is a nice name. It's strong and classic. The only problem with it is the nickname Doug, which I despise!
-- citizenchauvelin  10/20/2008
Douglas Gresham is the stepson of author and apologist C. S. Lewis. He co-produced the Narnia films, keeping a protective eye on the handling of his stepfather's classic stories.
-- Atarah Derek  4/26/2009
The earl of Douglas famous mediaeval Scottish crusader.
-- Anton  3/9/2010
I used to not like it but now I think it's really cool! I just don't like the nickname Doug. Yuck.
-- Chrila96  12/17/2010
This is a fantastic name, it will be my second son's name if I ever have one. It is not at all boring as I see it. If I was going through a list of recent births, names like Aidan, Kai, Liam and Jett would have me snoring, but Douglas would really stand out in a good way. And dark river seems like such a poetic meaning.
-- lovewn  2/13/2012
Dougie Hamilton (born June 17, 1993) is a Canadian hockey player currently playing for the Boston Bruins of the NHL. He was selected ninth overall in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft by the Boston Bruins. He was raised in Toronto, Ontario.
-- sambchop  8/4/2012
Dr. Douglas Fargo is an accident-prone scientist in the Syfy series Eureka. He is portrayed by Neil Grayston.
-- Fray  11/20/2012
I like Douglas, but not so much Doug.
-- Oohvintage  1/12/2013
I find it funny that many people have such a negative impression of this name, although I didn't care much for it for a long time. Then my boss/professor/mentor, a Douglas, changed my perspective on it. He's intelligent, sensitive, interesting, and a poet. He is actually a bit dorky and socially awkward, but he's an excellent man. I would rather name my son this name than any trendy name.
-- Samslie  1/16/2013
I actually kind of like Doug now. I think it would sound refreshing on a little boy. Dougie is a cute nickname too =) I agree completely with the comments saying this name would be nice to hear amongst all the names that really are boring these days, classics never get boring. Trendy names do, and very quickly.
-- Oohvintage  6/8/2013
I find this name a tad too dull.
-- Alexanna  5/20/2014
I actually like Douglas, but not Doug, so probably would never name a boy this because people would at some point start calling him Doug no matter what. Maybe Douglas could be a good middle name, though.
-- jdstew76  12/27/2014
Aside from all of these comments saying that this name is "boring" or "dull" I think Douglas is a great name. It might not be the "coolest" name out there, but I think it's more interesting than all those trendy names out there like Asher, Logan, Ethan, Jayden etc... Also, why comment on a name you don't like? I don't see any point in that. Personally, I like the sound of it and think it's refreshing to hear once in a while.
-- Anonymous User  1/27/2016
Douglas Brown is the lead vocalist in a band called "Safetysuit" They have some pretty neat music.
-- Anonymous User  5/5/2016
I like this name but for some reason I'm not crazy about the diminutive, "Doug". I much prefer Douglas.
-- Anonymous User  11/20/2016
Douglas Lennox-Silva is a male butterfly swimmer from Puerto Rico, who was born in the United States. He represented Puerto Rico at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, PR China. He is the younger brother of Kristina Lennox-Silva, who also competed as a swimmer at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Doug attended Princeton University majoring in anthropology with certificates in American Studies & Latin American Studies.
-- lilolaf  1/20/2017

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