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Pronounced EE-vah.
poetic_freedom  12/9/2006
Acyually, it's pronounced "AY-va". [noted -ed]
gaelruadh19  1/11/2007
I love this name, it was my mother's and always was a unique way to say Ava, which is becoming overused.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2007
But really folks -- outside of Ireland -- people ARE going to say, ee-uh-bah, not ay-vah.
leananshae  12/23/2007
Oh, this name is beautiful! I love how it looks and sounds. Totally unusable for me, unfortunately.
Beautiful Victory  5/11/2009
LMS  5/16/2016
Given Name EABHA

GENDER: Feminine

USAGE: English

CONTRIBUTOR: cutenose on 7/27/2016

Meaning & History

Anglicised form of Éabha.
LMS  1/14/2017

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