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A Frenchwoman with a daughter named Elodie told me her name was pronounced like Melody, but without the M. I think it sounds nicer as EL-o-dee.
Skittsie13  12/8/2007
This name should be pronounced AY-lo-dee or ELL-lo-dee, not ay-lo-DEE. The accent is on the E so the emphasis is on the first syllable of the name.
Lily8  8/1/2008
To the above comment, that is how accents work in, for example, Spanish. However, in French the accent aigu (this one) on the first letter of the name has nothing to do with stressed syllables: it means the "e" is pronounced similar to how you would say the letter "a", a long "a" sound. The pronunciation listed is perfectly correct.
ponine  8/23/2008
Oops yeah I'm sorry :/ I speak both French and Spanish and I think I got confused. Yeah in French the é makes a long E-sound as in "ay" or "eeeeh" and the è makes a short E-sound as eh. I don't know why I mixed it up. The weird thing is that 2 French girls I know definitely pronounce it with the accent on the first syllable. But maybe they changed the pronunciation when they moved here.
Lily8  8/25/2008
I named my baby girl Elodie, mid 2015. We pronounce it rather southern North American: ella-dee. Since folks do a second-take when I tell them her name, I've started introducing her with "Melody without the 'm'." Her nicknames include "Elle", "Ella-delly-doo", "Ellie-belly", and "Elle-belle."
― Anonymous User  3/29/2016

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