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Émilien Viennet is a French cyclist who rode for FDJ. Fr. He is a specialist in both road and cyclo-cross.
cutenose  4/25/2017
Émilien Amaury was a French publishing magnate whose company now organizes the Tour de France. He worked with Philippe Pétain, head of the French government in the southern half of France during the second world war but used his position to find paper and other materials for the French Resistance. His links with Jacques Goddet, the organizer of the Tour de France, led to a publishing empire that included the daily sports paper, L'Équipe. Amaury died after falling from his horse; his will led to six years of legal debate.
cutenose  4/25/2017
Pronounced "Eh-mee-lee-an".
Emilie007  8/24/2008

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